Ebook – Network Like A CEO


Working by yourself can be incredibly isolating and lonely. Having similiar colleagues around you can boost your confidence and create the feeling of working within a team, even though you’re a solopreneur. When you first begin your business, building your network can feel incredibly overwhelming. Be sure to incorporate building your professional network as part of your annual business planning.

I’ll put my hand up and admit it’s intimidating doing the cold calls and introducing yourself for the first time. After 30 years of working with people, for people and for myself for the last two decades I want to share some tips and tricks to smash through those fears and shaking confidence.

A network is incredibly helpful for when your service requires additional scope that you aren’t qualified in. Remember you can’t be everything for everyone!

For example I refer out all naturopathy and homeopathy services with detailed client referral letters. Why?

  • Because this isn’t my trained speciality
  • Because I want the best service for my client to achieve their desired outcome
  • Because my kinesiology skills often highlight root cause challenges by which naturopathy / homeopathy / physiotherapy can then rapidly apply their tool for an exceptional and quick outcome.

This workbook provides suggested tips and actions for both unqualified and qualified practitioners – so regardless of where you’re at in your business journey, there is wisdom for everyone. The workbook explores:

  • who should be in your tribe;
  • methods of how to network with new and existing colleagues; and
  • how to refer or seek referrals from your network.

The workbook includes templates to enable you to immediately commence

  • cold call style networking to grow your base of referral practitioners and colleagues
  • creating an email newsletter
  • referring clients to other practitioners.


Workbook – Network Like A CEO

Are you a newstarter? Perhaps you’re an experienced solopreneur? Are you wanting to expand how to grow their network list? Maybe learn how to utilise your professional contacts to their full advantage.

Not quite sure what you need to do to become laser focused on this dream job / business you’re trying to create?

I’m sewing an energetic seed for you to get exciting about networking and how to use these contacts.

Working by yourself can be incredibly isolating and lonely if you’re not using your network well. Building your network can feel incredibly overwhelming. I’ll put my hand up and admit it’s intimidating, but instead of learning those lessons the hard way yourself, dive deep into this workbook to fast track solutions for your business.


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