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Business Foundations Mentoring 

Perhaps you’re struggling to return to your business in the post-pandemic space?

Have you lost your mojo a little, and uncertain how to return to your beautiful clients?

Maybe you’re a new graduate, and feel daunted or intimiated by the start up list?

Are you tired of trying to figure out everything on your own? Feeling a bit swamped by all the things you have to do, and don’t know where to start?

Are you foundational business acumen skills and systems robust? By this I mean when you perform a task, do you have a system that enables you to repeat that action in the same or less time??

We all need someone to motivate, inspire and encourage us in our business!

Let’s face it, we juggle a lot of tasks when running our beautiful biz and can always utilise a set of fresh eyes for:

  • build and utilise your network
  • identify and budget ongoing professional development
  • build and market your brand
  • create realistic targets that are achievable and realistic
  • identify your secret sauce!

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My vision for Change-ing Business Foundations Mentoring

My dream is to share, through live calls, coaching that enables you to feel empowered to do what you do best. The perfect coaching session feels like you’ve been nurtured, not bossed around.

Are you ready to 

  • boost your biz skills needed to create a solid foundation for your business
  • empower participants to never feel alone in your business
  • working in your business with confidence
  • support foundational business planning and goal setting
  • deep dive into the modules of my 1 Page Business Plan
  • explore Affiliate opportunities in order to get a lot more traffic/eyeballs to your sales
  • participate in Podcast Interviews to promote you and your beautiful business
  • create instant opportunities for social media sharing, and boosting SEO potential

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