Breast cancer has been a gift on so many levels. I have met some incredibly talented people along the way and will continue to do so. As part of this cancer chapter, so far I’ve had extensive surgery prior to undergoing adjuvant therapy.

I was recently sharing the story with a friend, of how I interacted with my surgical teams in theatre. I was telling them, that I was surprised to observe that not many people talk and interact with staff in the sterile room. They simply get wheeled into the sterile room, get the good juice and whadda bing bam boom, and then you wake up. Not me. I made eye contact with each of my team members and formed a bond.

I very quickly figured out it’s not normal or routine for patients to liaise with theatre staff. My surgical team had a stunned reaction to what I said to them … I told my surgical teams “we were embarking on a reinvention journey for my body”. We weren’t just operating to remove cancer, we were evolving me to a place of health. It helped my mindset that cancer resulted in a new set of boobies!

I thanked these wonderful staff in advance. I thanked them for waking up that morning and deciding to come to work and be of service to me. Their faces simply lit up that they had been thanked.

I blessed them for their skills and thanked them for their dedication and their time to care for me. I looked at each of them in the eye and told them I was grateful. I’m getting teary just sharing this with you because I’m remembering their heartfelt hugs and their statements “we’ve got you Karen”. I couldn’t think of a more positive way to commence the process of a mastectomy and breast reconstruction – with heartfelt love.

I know my surgical team all had smiles on their dials as they worked in the vibration of joy, whilst working on my body each time. For the second and third surgeries, staff remembered me and welcomed me back with loving smiles.

Theoretically we are all conceived in love and I wanted my surgical reinvention to be the same!

So my small intention-based action of thanking my surgical team had massive flow-on effects.

  • I woke up calm, well and relaxed from the general anaesthetic;
  • I had 145cm of suture line which predominantly healed exceptionally well in a very short period of time;
  • I maintained a great healing mindset and my physiotherapy went smoothly.

I instilled abundance and joy as a vibrational energy into my new breasts.

So how can you establish good vibes for your life in general, let alone significant milestone events? I used the Law of Attraction Principles. I knew when surgery was planned and did some preparation meditation and journaling, attending to any arising fears. Then I did the following:

1. See It

In this example I envisaged the dream life I wanted, or state I want to be living. Complication free surgery and recovering. I included in my vision, feeling joyous, abundantly happy and flowing with life. I included very specific details in the vision of the life I want. This helped later on to be clear when I was achieving success and evidencing change.

So I envisaged being able to easily get out of bed post-surgery, without aid, without cannulas, drains or drips. Guess what? Most of the tubing was removed by day three, ahead of anticipated schedule. I envisaged myself sitting out of bed comfortably, moving easily around my hospital room and at home. I allowed myself to see myself comfortable in my new shape and love it.

I allowed my meditation to see beyond the scarring to one year down the track when everything was healed. Two months out this remains my focus, newfound freedom with the new shape.

2. Believe it

The second part to the meditative envisaging stage is to believe what you see is real. Your brain, believe it not, does not recognise real from imagined. The trick with believing your dream life is true is to eliminate any and all negative aspects. This is the time to get your journal out and pour out all of the ‘what ifs’, all the worries of what could go wrong. Often when you have brought this negative stuff to the surface and given it air, the negative thought or feeling deflates, and your logic brain can override the fear. Once the fear response is dialled down, your brain can then problem solve alternative options.

3. Live as if it already is true

One of my favourite things I love about the Law of Attraction is living my dream life as if it already is occurring. The third part of manifesting good vibes, apart from seeing and believing is the connection to how you will feel when you live your best life. It’s this connection to the good emotional juju, all the good feels, that drives the dream being realised.

It’s not about winning a million dollars, because let’s face it – you still have all the same problems. But if you address any arising negative thought patterns as you focus on your dream life, and embrace more joy, more harmony and gratitude and more love into your life, you realise that you are in fact living a life with good vibes only!

You really can choose to change and bloom from within, making small changes to live your dream life.