One of the best healing lessons of my personal and professional life involved the realisation that my journey path revolves around doing my thing, not someone else’s. It was both a terrifying and truly liberating experience to step into that vulnerable space of my shadow self.

It’s not always easy to stand within your sacred space and shine your authentic light to the world. Here’s a few tips to keep yourself on your own straight and narrow path!

Don’t chase people for their attention, affection or approval. Everyone has stuff. We also have our own set of beliefs and behaviours which drives how we respond or react. The trick when you are triggered and feel yourself reacting is to step back and assess/reflect on what within you requires your love and attention to heal.

Be an example to yourself, of how it feels and looks to be positive. It starts with the intention you set for yourself before you even get out of bed! As soon as I wake up, I set my intention ‘to be the priority of my life’.

Pay attention to how you feel and what event causes you to experience the negative juju! Journal out the negative feelings and thoughts so that they aren’t swirling around your head.

Any form of neutral expression gifts you the opportunity to release the negativity you’ve been carrying around. The less drama you have inside your head, the more space you have to welcome positive energy and love for self into your life. Once you’ve purged the negative into your journal, write yourself a love letter. You are so deserving of positive words and affirmations. Take yourself for a gentle walk before breakfast or after dinner, as the light is dim and the world is quiet and calm. Breath it in as a welcome additional to your shining light.

Attract loving people into your life. Work hard to just be yourself. The more focussed you are on you and clearing out your old negative stuff, you naturally become a beacon of light.

The more you shift the brighter your light shines. When you light shines bright, you naturally attract amazing human beings into your life who make you want to be and embrace more.

The people who belong in your life will come and find you to share your story. These people who love you seem to miraculously appear in your life exactly when you are in need. These friendships are amazing in that regardless the amount of time which passes, you seem to pick up where you’ve left off. The presence of these people in your life provide an incredible abundance of love which enriches your life in ways you can’t imagine.

Just do your thing. Be true to you and shine your light brightly to the world.

You can choose to change and bloom from within xxx