Hey gorgeous!


I see you struggle lately, don’t worry I have too:

  • to know who I am
  • to understand why I am here
  • to make sense of why things happen
  • to hear and connect to my wisdom
  • to nourish myself energetically

I am being called, repeatedly now to help myself in a new way. It involves you too.

Will I be helping myself by being of service in this way – YES

Will I be nurturing my soul by holding space for myself and others – YES

Do you want a taste of what standing in a sacred circle feels like – YES?

Want to connect with who you really are?

Want someone to guide you on a path from your head to your heart?

I am a joy seeker. I invite you to join me and get curious about the journey steps you are taking.


Come for an afternoon and dip your foot in the spiritual pool before diving into the full 8-week program. Come and get a taste of this 90-minute session.

I am continuing to release the old story that no longer serves me, and in doing so gaining the confidence to share more of my true authentic self.

 Do you want this for yourself as well?

I am spreading my metaphorical wings of freedom and unconditional love as I embrace my feminine magic.

I am doing this be getting out of my head and taking a journey to my heart space.

As I continue to work on me, my offering is an invitation for you to join me for a bit of self-nurture in a safe space.


There’s something absolutely magical working in a group of women, nurturing and holding space for each other.

You get to experience your own energy and magnify the experience as you connect to like-minded souls.

Want to know more?


How often do you visit your heart zone?

Are you consistently activating your self-love?

How do you nurture yourself?

Is it time for a bit of self-pampering that revs up your heart space and allows your soul to soar?

Sure a massage or magnesium float relaxes the body. But what about attending to the needs of your soul?

I am listening to the call of self-nurture. I am hearing and feeling the need to join a circle once more.

I am called to unite those also inspired to fuel that flames deep within.


I am hosting an intimate sacred circle gathering to enable those inspired to harness the energy of the tribe to –

🧘‍♀️Make connections back to self and other like-minded souls

🧘‍♀️Clear the pathway out of the head and back to your heart

🧘‍♀️ Experience all the feels of deep work in a safe space

🧘‍♀️ Find the answers to the questions circling your mind

🧘‍♀️ Nurture self by soothing the soul with guided meditation and journalling

What does one bring to meditation?

Comfy light coloured clothes! 

A lightweight blanket

Journal & pen

Meditation cushion (don’t stress if you don’t have this, the sacred space that we are using has a variety of seating)

Be sure to bring an open mind and an intention to connect with your heart!

There are only 8 seats in the circle for each session. The next scheduled session will be Saturday 17 April at 1030am.

If you feel so inclined and want to gather your own tribe, talk to me for special arrangements.

This ‘journey to your heart’ connection session will be a 90-minute investment of your time.

The energy exchange to participate is only $35.

About Karen

Change Facilitator

Karen Humphries is a Kinesiology Practitioner, Health & Business Coach, self-confessed laughaholic and joy seeker. She learnt to use meditation with other modalities to recover from a traumatic experience, and fell in love with the modality so much she is learning to teach it!

She loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

Karen Humphries, Change Chick, Change Facilitator, Kinesiology, Wellness Coach, Australian Bush Flower Essences, LEAP Facilitator, Trauma, Public Speaker, Cancer Ambassador, Blooming From Within, Traralgon, Victoria, Gippsland