Christmas and New Year’s isn’t always an exciting time for everyone. For some, this is when we feel isolated or our grief for a beloved dearly departed makes us feel deep sadness. For others it’s an insanely busy period of the year, and they rarely gift themselves a ‘pause’ moment to enjoy any of it, it’s become an obligation to go here there are everywhere.

The end of the year also marks in the southern hemisphere, the summer solstice. That glorious time when the sunlight is at it’s maximum, and our ability to manifest abundance is high. It should also be a time to embrace your grace.


One of the best gifts you can give yourself this festive season is allow yourself a period of time to reflect on life and how luck you are to have it.

If the feelings are triggered, don’t become them, simply observe, acknowledge the part you play in holding that feeling reaction, then let it go.


Utilise this quiet time to reflect on how well you’ve utilised your time to live your life. Get into your journal and allow yourself to lift the veil on your ‘stuff’ so that you can actively make changes in the coming future

Feeling a little stuck and unsure where to start or kick off? No drama! I’ve got a list of deep questions you can ask yourself to get the ball rolling on self exploration!

  1. Do I like who I am right now?
  2. When was the last time I laughed hard?
  3. What would I truly regret if I died tonight?
  4. What advice has someone in my family given, that I have taken just in time to learn the lesson?
  5. What were the top three lessons I learnt the hard way?
  6. What would I do if my biggest fears came true?
  7. Why am I afraid to be myself when others are around?
  8. What are the three things I am most grateful for?
  9. Have I done anything recently that I am proud of?
  10. When was the last time I extended kindness to someone?
  11. What do I really want from life?
  12. What aspect of my personality still needs work?
  13. What annoys me the most and can I let that go?
  14. How do I actively enrich my life?
  15. How do I allow others to influence my life in a negative way? Can I choose to release this now?

There’s no right or wrong answer or process. You might like to answer everything or simply choose a question each week to reflect on. And here’s a hint, if the question is pushing your buttons it’s likely you’ve got some work to do in this area!

Happy exploring self and wishing you well to find the key that unlocks the answers so that you may shine your light and bloom from within! You can choose to change xxx