What are your current Goals?

What are your current Goals?

I’m a bit of a go getter. In fact, those who know me often laugh at my struggles to sit still. There are times I would even question whether I am high functioning spectrum quirkiness as my creative brain rarely sits still.

On the other hand my gorgeous friends and family openly admire my tenacity to go after what I want. I’m sure this is how I naturally attract colleagues and coaching clients, I’ve been there at the start and built my business up from nothing. I’ve tried dozens of different things in an effort to achieve success. I’ve bombed out a lot, but gosh I’ve learnt so much about myself and business systems along the way. It’s taken a while but I figured out my ‘why’!

For the most part I have ticked off the really big goals in life – getting married and having children and building a successful business. I don’t refence my business as small anymore, because for me, my business is an extension of who I am. What you see is what you will experience within a clinical or coaching session. And when you purchase one of my coaching bundles or services, that too is where I share all my ‘lessons learnt’ because I want you to succeed as much as I have.

So one of my remaining goals for the remainder of 2019 is to be fully booked and promoting client bookings into the new year. Additionally, based on my clinic client load, I am also highly motivated to be of service to those struggling with stress during the festive season, so that they too can experience joy.

I am a huge fan of the Law of Attraction, and, utilising those principles to manifest what I want in life and business. For example, this morning I counted how many available appointments I have between now and Christmas, and I’m still shaking my head that it’s already September! So I’m down to 168 vacancies remaining for the year.


Part of my normal business strategy, as soon as I hit 150 vacancies, I begin my familiar ‘Buddy the Elf’ campaign to ensure future bookings for regular clients. I have successfully used this campaign several years in a row. I have all the copy (content words) and the graphics simply need a date change and that component of work is done.

More importantly, my regular clients are familiar with this type of post within my social media pages, and, utilise this as a cue to book their sessions in advance to ensure they get the day and time they want. This system now runs itself. And small business should be all about smooth systems, so that when you want to do something new, or hitting a familiar time period of intended sales (like Christmas), the processes are in place to support you achieving success.

I am a huge fan of the Law of Attraction principles. I commence the process of manifesting abundance by first visualising the dream. Using the example above, a fully booked clinic calendar. That is the dream afterall, to be successful – to make the sales whilst not killing yourself in the process. Refer to my Blog – Manifest Your Dreams for details on Law of Attraction.

Once I’ve visualised a fully booked clinic calendar, I set about creating a launch strategy. This is where I refer back to my ‘why’. What service am I providing and why am I so motivated by it? So using the example above, creating a marketing strategy for the upcoming Christmas festive season (as early as September) means I generate time for myself to do the following:

  • Create graphics with quotes;
  • Create copy to associate with each graphic; and then
  • Create and schedule social media posts.

The launch strategy incorporates reviewing dialogued shared with my by clients in relation to the festive season. You see part of my systems includes making notes of stress symptoms experienced at specific times of year, and then marketing to my niche audience – using their language.

I find the trick with marketing is to use a formula when creating copy. Actively ask your audience about their stress symptom, and we could call this a negative question. Then ask whether they want to feel the opposite (ie how they will feel after receiving your service). Then suggest your service to resolve their problem. It might look something like this …

“Do you dread the thought of spending time with extended family at Christmas time?

Are you Wanting to put the joy back into your festive season?

Consider a kinesiology session today to defuse the stress associated with this time of the year, to enable you to feel empowered to set boundaries on what is acceptable behaviour for you and your family.”

So if your goal is to smash the remaining quarter of this year, get busy with your marketing strategy now. Check out my Festive Graphics Bundle now available to support you in quickly creating your marketing strategy for Christmas 2019! There’s enough graphics for a month’s worth of posts, an instructional video and a bonus guide on how to manifest clients this festive season!

Visit my webpage for the newly updated business service section and check out the Festive Graphics Bundle, click here – https://www.karenhumphries.net.au/business-services/

Manifest the Dream

Manifest the Dream

You’ve probably heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’ before, how people manifest crazy abundance into their lives. Have you ever stopped and wondered how they actually do it, or are you stuck in your stuff and just ‘wishing’ you were like that?

What if I were to tell you that everyone on the planet is capable of utilising the Law of Attraction (let’s call it LOA from here on in). And it’s based on a couple of simple principles, and a little daily dedication to self.

But firstly before we get into how to use it, let’s explore what it is exactly.

The Law Of Attraction is defined as the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together.

It manifests through the power of creation, everywhere and in many ways.

Even the law of gravity is part of the law of attraction.

This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations and circumstances.

So in other words, the Law of Attraction is just like having the power of gravity. You get to consciously choose what you want to attract into your life. Additionally, your subconscious plays a role as well, and if you don’t reign in the negative self talk, guess what? Yep you’re manifesting negative into your life.

Here’s my top tips on how to attract and manifest abundance in your life.

 1.  Your Mindset Must Be Positive

One of the main principles of the Law of Attraction, is that what we think internally we create externally. Sounds a little deep right, but it’s true. You are creating your future with every single thought: either consciously or subconsciously.

You can’t take a break from it and decide not to create because creation never stops. Remember, thoughts and feelings aren’t designed to squat in the presidential suite of the hotel (ie your mind), they are designed to come and go.

Like attracts like. If you are feeling grateful, enthusiastic, passionate, happy, joyful, appreciative, or abundant, then you are sending out positive energy from your mind into your body and the space around you. Remember you’ve heard me talk about the scientific research by the Heart Math Institute, who measured the heart resonance vibration can be recorded 6 metres outside of the body. So if you’re feeling great and groovy, people around you are going to pick up on that!

On the other hand, if you are feeling bored, anxious, stressed out, angry, resentful, or sad, you are sending out negative energy into your body and the space around you. People pick up on this vibe as well, and sometimes negative energy is palpable.

Once you understand the Law of Attraction, and how it works, you can begin to consciously and intentionally create a better life. The universe is like a waiter at your favourite restaurant. If you order ‘something nice’ the universe has no measure of your likes, it will just dish up an experience. However if you are focussed on your favourite dish of all time, and will relish every flavorsome aspect, then that is exactly what you are manifesting.

2. You can choose to respond differently to the situations that arise during your day.

One of the fastest ways to change from negative into positive, as I advise my clinic clients, is to utilise the ten second rule – take a slow deep breath in for count of three, hold for count of three, release count of four. When triggered by someone or something, take a slow deep breath.

The purpose is two fold. Firstly the long slow breath buys you time to observe rather than react and calm your nervous system response from stress to conscious action. Secondly use this time to ask yourself any of the following questions:

  • “what am I feeling?”
  • “what is being triggered in me?”
  • “how does this relate to me?”
  • What am I responsible for learning right now?”

By observing instead of reacting, we are avoid regret later down the track. We get to consciously own the negative pattern being run and choose to change an aspect of it.

You can choose to think differently.

You can choose to focus and think about the things you want more of in your life.

You can choose to experience more of the things that make you feel good.

You can choose to deliberately participate in the creation of your future by managing your thoughts and feelings.

Society dictates we have to be and do everything to be a success. But there is no energy invested in being accountable for who we become in pursuit of this so called perfect life. If we were to step out of this perfect paradigm (which frankly doesn’t exist), you could look at life of lessons learnt and lessons to be learnt, instead of focussing on all the stuff you think you ‘need’ to acquire.

Take a moment to imagine how different your life would be if all of your experiences were a measure of lessons learnt rather than failure?

3. Ask for what you want!

The Law of Attraction principles teach us that you’ll attract into your life whatever you give your energy, focus, and attention to—wanted or unwanted. So it’s clear that you must become more deliberate about what you think and feel. Be intentional if you will and practice feeling all the feels as if you already had the thing you want.

At the end of the day, we don’t manifest stuff, we manifest the life we want. Joy. Happiness. Gratitude. Practice that!

So ask yourself these questions:

  • How would you feel once you’ve “arrived” at your goal?
  • What would you be doing throughout your day?
  • Who would you be spending time with?

The more you focus on, think, journal and talk about what you DO want (instead of what you don’t want), the faster you will manifest your dreams and goals. So take out of play all the distractions like commercial radio and the news.

4. Believe and receive

I get asked whether this is an ego thing, to believe you’ll get what you want? I respond with ‘belief’ means maintaining a positive expectancy and connection with the feel good. It means going about your day with certainty, a faith if you will, that you’ve put your future in the hands of powers that are greater than yours. It’s more than that, it’s also deciding with conviction that what you want will absolutely happen and remaining connected to your vision of the dream.

5. Become the vibrational match

This sounds easy and can be with strong commitment to shifting negative Nancy mindset. The easiest way to become a vibrational match for what you desire, is to focus on creating positive emotions of love, joy, appreciation, and gratitude throughout your day. This can be easily achieved with affirmations.

Don’t fall into the trap of simply stating “I love myself” if that really doesn’t resonate for you. Stick a prefix infront of it to ease into the practice. Statements of affirmation can be commenced with “I” and including the following verbs:

  • I am willing to learn to love myself
  • I am willing to accept how to love myself
  • I am open to learning how to love myself
  • I am learning to love and appreciate myself
  • I am able to change I order to love myself

Note all of these statements are ‘now’ based and not future or past tense.

So when you do your affirmation, take a moment to practice feeling the emotions you would be experiencing if you already had what you wanted. Herein lies the power.


Connect the affirmation to the feeling.

If you can’t imagine what loving yourself feels like, imagine what you might look like when facing yourself in the mirror.

What would your reflection look like if you loved all over yourself.

Remember, it’s important to catch yourself when your emotions turn negative and turn them to positive emotions.

6. Keep a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is the place you document what you are grateful for each day. Allow your imagination to run wild with the infinite possibilities of where your gratitude can take you, and, allow your heart to open. It is the magnifying of gratitude that enables us to manifest miracles. Why? Because we are connected to the ‘feel goods’! The more we connect to that good juju, the more we have capacity to manifest more.

Remember you are capable of so much more than you ever dreamed, and using the Law of Attraction allows you to become the master manifestor in your life. You really can choose to change and bloom from within!

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Top Ten Tips to Overcoming Failure

Top Ten Tips to Overcoming Failure

Have you ever had a goal to work towards, busted your butt, only to fall and go ‘splat’ on your face?

Yep me too.

I learnt early in my career as an investigator and auditor that big goals are great, but frankly they are bastards of things to achieve. The bigger they are, often infers the harder you fall. That is unless you plan to succeed by breaking the goal into a whole bunch of small implementable actions.

As an auditor, and now a coach, I teach how it’s vital to have short, medium and some long term goals which force you to do two things. Firstly, you should create stable and harmonious processes with automated systems so that your successful daily routine can be consistently repeated. Secondly, you also need to stretch outside of your comfort zone to ensure growth and eliminate boredom.

So let’s ‘cut to the chase’.

The key lesson today is to embrace any failure you’ve experienced so far this year. These perceived failures are merely experiences which are vital lessons. It’s a mindset thing. When you choose a positive mindset, on how you look at the work you are undertaking to work towards your goals, your brain will remain in ‘creative’ mode. Solutions to once perceived problems jump out at you.

The negative mindset however runs an evil subliminal pattern. The negative instigates self doubt, fears which causes a negative outlook on life. It can even turn on your ‘flight / fight’ response and cause a physiological reaction in your brain and body. It’s called stress!

We don’t want that!

One of the big things that bites us in the butt is when it comes to reviewing our success and progress. It’s so easy to come up with perceived failure outcomes. This is often due to our expectations not being realistic, and our goals were far too great to achieve in one bite. It’s ok. We aren’t designed to learn lessons in one hit, we’re designed to learn stuff as we trek through life.

Expectations, by nature, set us up for failure and close off our creative minds to be open to opportunities and solutions. When we expect a certain outcome, we trigger our need for control, or fear to be out of control, and literally turn on our sympathetic nervous system – our bodies go into ‘defence’ mode and we’re no longer accessing our planning resources in the front of our brains.

When we are in a negative state, we’re only accessing old, deeply rooted survival mechanisms from our reptilian brain. When we’re in this part of the brain we are only surviving. The logic is often turned off and the panic can start to set in.

So here’s my tips for migrating towards achieving your goals and embracing the lessons along the way.

Number One. Have a positive mindset about how you look at all of your experiences. All experience can be positive when you choose it to be so. If there is a perceived failure, it is merely a lesson that what you tried didn’t work, and it’s time to try something new.

Number Two. Seek Support. If you exhaust the realm of your creativity and resilience resources, and still feel negative, then reach out to your peers or mentor. Ask for help!

Number Three. Create & Implement Small Actions. I so get it when we have a dream and smash ourselves to achieve it and then fall into a mess.  With my investigation and audit background, I feel so very comfortable having both a dream (the goal) and realistic targets (small actions) of how I will chip away at various milestones in order to achieve the bigger picture over time. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Start small and build as you achieve success.

Number Four. Embrace Your Race At Your Pace. As a coach, I often remind both myself and my clients of this golden rule  – embrace your race at your pace. This can apply to everyone who has tried to achieve a specific outcome and then perceives they have failed at their first attempt. Achieving success isn’t meant to be a race, it’s a journey.

Number Five. Create Clear Goals. I find the trick is to success is to clearly identify your goal. Be very clear on what it is you want to achieve. Furthermore, create a goal that you can emotionally connect to.

Be sure to use the Law of Attraction techniques and connect with how good it feels to be living this dream life you want. The reason to connect with the feelings is so your internal barometer will be able to focus on when you’re on the money and working exactly where you need to be.

Number Six. Plan For Success. So often we jump into projects without good planning and very quickly become unstuck and disillusioned. The age old saying Winston Churchill “failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” is so true.

So dream your goal and connect to the good juju it will give you. Plan the tasks required. Plan how much time these tasks will take. Schedule those tasks into your calendar.

Do the planning which incorporates detailed ‘to do list’s. Assess the risks to you, achieving the goal, assess time frames, and assess your balance for work and life. I find writing it down so you’ve got something to bring your focus back to is imperative.

Number Seven. Break Goal Into Small Actions. The next key step is to achieving your goals, is to break them down into small actions. By implementing these small actions, you create new positive behavioural habits in order to achieve the dream life you want. The reason you need new habits is this – if you already had the positive reinstated in your actions, you would be living the dream life already.

Number Eight. Implement One Action At A Time. It’s critical when creating new habits, to implement one new action at a time. This way your evolving behaviour becomes more and more positive and part of your sub-consicous patterning. Once you’ve nailed one action as part of your routine, then and only then introduce a second new action. This process builds your new habits over time.

Implement ONE priority action first. Don’t go introducing anything else until this one thing becomes a natural and instinctive habit. Then repeat the process.

Number Nine. Honestly Review Your Performance. Reviewing your performance is a vital component of success. Regular review of actions being implemented means if you’re migrating in the wrong direction, or not perfecting the task, you’ll detect this quickly. Rapid detection means you’ll be able to redirection your momentum back towards the goal quickly. Make it the priority for implementation.

Number Ten. Never Stop Dreaming! One of the best things you can do when you achieve a goal is to celebrate and then immediately dream bigger, and continue the journey. So light it up, and go for it. Just be sure to shine brightly!

You really can choose to change and bloom from within xxx

Top Tip to Manifesting Your Dream Life

Top Tip to Manifesting Your Dream Life

I was listening to a podcast the other day, which started with ‘luck is for leprechauns and you aren’t green”!! Wowsers that was a powerful statement! And it reminded me of the importance of incorporating The Laws of Attraction into my daily routine life. Doing this supports me to remain focused on my dream life, and the good feelings these experiences and abundance will bring me. It’s a combination of all the small things which contribute to my ability to be grateful for all that I manifest and bring into my world. And it has nothing to do with money or stuff. My focus is on experiencing the joy of life, and, being vibrantly happy and healthy.

I get asked a lot about the Laws Of Attraction, which are fundamentally simple in nature. With a little daily dedication and accuracy, they are easy to activate and implement into your life to achieve all that you want and more.

The more we can bring our focus to self, the more available energy we have to maintain motivation and access to our resilience skills to walk our journey paths. Actions don’t have to take a lot of time, and they can simply be to ‘check in’ with how you are feeling in terms of positive or negative. The more you can acknowledge more positive in your life the more gratitude state you create within. The greater the gratitude, the higher your ability to manifest abundance in your life.

Here are my tips to Manifest Your Dream Life


You have to be able to visualise what it is you want.

This process isn’t just about thinking about winning a million dollars and thinking this will solve all your problems.

This process is about sitting quietly each day, and, gifting yourself moments whereby you literally can envisage doing the thing you want.

Liz Oakes discusses in her article, that visualisation “is known as conceptualization. As you form an image of what you desire in your mind, you are using your imagination to bring it into reality. You must first see it in your imagination. It must be fully formed and conceptualized before it can possibly manifest. This is the process of creating an image in your mind of what you desire to have in your life. Make the image you see in your mind as real and as detailed as you can, as this is how you will bring it into manifestation.

Once you have envisaged the dream life that you want, you need to desire it.

By this I mean be intensely excited about what you’re visualising. Imagine how it looks AND how it feels to do doing this revised version of your life.

It is the focus on the feelings which link to your ability to consciously be grateful. Acknowledging gratitude then counts as a credit in your happiness bank account!

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to connect to this ‘feel good’ feeling. It must be very strong and tangible. You literally have to be able to connect with how good it feels. And as you visualise and continue to invest in that picture, really connect to the evolving strong feelings. Without the emotive connection, there is no point.

Let me be clear. It is at this point that most people have the potential to enter a self-sabotaging situation. If you don’t connect to the feeling, and only focus on the outcome then you aren’t changing your approach. You are just dreaming. Tony Robbins talks about “get yourself moving, don’t wait for the perfect trainer, just get yourself moving”. Connection to the feeling of what you want supports you to change your accountability and investment in what you want.

Affirm and believe that what you desire as if it is already real.

When you believe what you desire is possible to manifest and create, then you are talking to universe with your order of what you want.

Imagine as if you’re sitting at your favourite restaurant, and you order your favourite dish of garlic prawns, you are almost licking your chops in anticipation of how good it’s going to taste.

It is the belief that your favourite chef will prepare your order just the way you love it. The Law of Attraction is identical to this belief that the chef will prepare your order exactly how you asked for it.

The concept of affirming or intention setting, is to make a positive statement of what you believe.

When making this statement you need to truly believe you have the capacity to make it come true.

In other words, you must have the intention to manifest what you desire, otherwise it’s just a day dream.

Word of warning though, when we believe and utilise affirmations to invigorate the dream life we want, we must to align to your current belief system. Also, the affirmation must align with your conscious mind or it rejects the affirmations as unimaginable. By this I mean, there’s no point affirming something that is not presently within your remote realm of possibility.

For example, stating the affirmation “I am a millionaire” if you are presently living with your grandmother creates a conscious mind rejection – a mental conflict in your head space. Scale back the dream to a smaller goal that is actually realistic to achieve. Smash that out and continue to grow the dream, evolve the affirmations and the small action based goals. This way you’re not setting yourself up to fail or messing with your own values and beliefs which will question and sabotage if the dream doesn’t align to your current capacity.

The more specific and measurable your affirmations are, the easier they will be to implement as small action-based goals.

Act and behave as if your life desire has already been manifested. It is action which brings about changes in people’s lives. Affirmations are utilised to motivate you to take more action and remain focused on the dream life you are manifesting.

Now this doesn’t mean go and max out your credit card because you have the ‘dream to be a millionaire’. This means do some thing action based, which gives you the feelings which align with the dream live you are intending, for example happiness.

The final part of understanding how to implement the laws of attraction is allowance – detach from the outcome. You have to be intense in your desire of the dream and it’s feel good, to embrace, trust and surrender it will

When you gain the clarity of the understanding that the only limits in our life are the ones we set, you too can choose to change and bloom from within.




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Maintain Your Motivation

Maintain Your Motivation

So we’re a month past the New Year. I’ve returned to clinic after taking a blissful month away just for me. I’ve found it absolutely necessary to remain very focussed on my self-care regime. And what I found is this – when I look after myself, my motivation to do and be more, is through the roof.

This week back in clinic, I’m hearing lots of dialogue and even complaints, regarding falling off the wagon in terms of commitment to self. One of the lessons I re-affirmed for myself during this recent break is this. Keep It Simple.

Sounds ridiculously easy doesn’t it? For some, being able to commit to self is completely overwhelming. So I always suggest to have a goal, but let’s break down the action based tasks so that you can easily digest, assess and implement all the stuff. And guess what? You don’t have to do it all. You don’t have to do it every day. You don’t have to do it all the time. But I strongly recommend you do something, just for you – every day.

Rather than punishing yourself for what you haven’t done yesterday, or what you want to do tomorrow – just focus on one day at a time. You can’t undo what’s already been done, and you can’t control what’s gonna happen tomorrow – you can only roll with what comes your way.

I often find that when I kick start my day with a simple positive intention, everything just flows. I utilise the intention to return to my focus point if I’ve been challenged. Something as simple as “I am the priority of my life” creates amazing changes and enables you to consciously focus on you, rather than invest in the drama of others.

During my down time I created a vision board that aligns with my business plan. But it also includes all the fun I intend to have with family and friends. The abundance has already begun to roll in, because I’ve invested the time to envisage what it is I want. Then I journaled, a bit like writing myself a love letter, and then found the pictures of the outcomes I wanted. I kept my focus on how I wanted to feel from the experiences I want to have.

In alignment with my business plan and vision board I created SMART goals.

It’s important that your goals are specific, in that they are well defined and focussed. The moment you focus on your goal, you generate momentum and create goal power. Darrell Zahorsky explains this as “the moment you focus on a goal, your goal becomes a magnet, pulling you and your resources toward it. The more focused your energies, the more power you generate.

Your goals need to be measurable. As a business owner I’ve set myself financial targets for my business, but they also align with savings for our next family holiday. Therefore, I’m tying my goals together to maintain my focus and motivation for several things.

Your goals need to be attainable. It’s one thing to have a dream, but can you actually achieve it. Again this links back to start small, trial new things. Utilise reflection to determine what works easily and what takes lots of your time and energy for not much return. This links to the relevance of your goal – can you actually do it.

The timing of achieving goals is important to maintain your motivation, rather than just having a pie in the sky pipe dream. You want to know you are working to a deadline of achievement.

I find it essential to have small rewards along the way. Even a simple massage is time away from everyone and everything and replenishes my spirit. The gift of daily meditation in my bath is also golden. Figure out what treats work for you and go love all over yourself.

It’s important to acknowledge yourself and your positive attributes. Afterall, it’s likely your talents that you’ll be using to reach the goals! Even if you’re only celebrating quietly within your journal entries, you are still reflecting and celebrating your skills and strengths. This means you are shining your light!


Visualising the goal coming to fruition is a vital tool used in the Law of Attraction. It keeps you focussed and investing the positive mental energy into the heart space – where the feelings reside when you achieve this thing you want. Meditation or even meditative walking, whereby you imagine the dream life is a fantastic way to embrace the positive.

As you travel your journey path, it’s essential to be kind to yourself. Don’t get caught up in the drama of others. Don’t get stuck comparing yourself and where you are at, in relation to others. They don’t walk your path. Nor do they have your stuff or lessons to be learnt. Just be you.

Never forget how amazing you are, and your light will naturally shine to the world. Doing small things each day to love all over yourself will maintain your motivation to stay on your path of self discovery and achievement of your intended dream life.

You can choose to change and bloom from within.

2019 Intention

2019 Intention

I normally say, “Happy New Year”. However, this year I’m going to challenge you to make an intention which will guide and support you to create a new year that you want! People often ask me what power an intention can have?

I often hear people tell me what a shit year they are having. I find myself immediately pulling them up on that statement, for every time they repeat this old negative story, they are re-affirming to the universe that ‘life is shit’ and they want more of it! I don’t know of anyone on the planet who chooses to learn a life lesson the hard way. If you had a conscious choice, you would always take the easy way out – it’s human nature!



During a coaching conversation, we ‘re-focus’ a client’s attention of the lessons they are learning from the negative experiences. We bring their focus onto the outcomes they want to achieve.

We then focus what small actions are required to achieve what they want out of the experience, we direct their attention into a positive space, with the intention of positive outcomes and mindset.

It’s like placing an order to the universe for a positive outcome when you set the intention. Whilst life may throw ‘unpleasant’ circumstances, you can remain focussed on how well you are coping and the lessons being learnt.

I live by the mindset habit of setting my intention on a daily basis and reaffirm this with a theme for each year which aligns me to my intended dream life. Do you see the pattern here? It’s the habit of clearly establishing my intention. The re-affirming of my annual theme on a daily basis enables me to maintain my direction and focus of what I want to be attracting, experiencing and feeling in life.

I commence each new year with a positive intention based upon a period of intense reflection of all the lessons I learnt along the way. Because this intention leads me throughout the year, I invest time and energy into this process. Why? Because I am worth it.

This new year has been unique, in that I’ve been manifesting my intention through reflection since the week before summer solstice. This enabled me to ride the huge energetic wave to utilise the magnified solstice energy to create heightened meditative states, to create the picture of my dream life.

I now welcome in the new year by setting my intention, and you can too – whether that be with a mantra, motto or a word or just an affirmation.  We are all unique and do it in our own way. Once you’ve chosen you may like to write it out repeatedly and fill a page in your journal. You might like to print copies for each and every significant room or space that you occupy – such as a work desk, bathroom mirror, fridge door etc.

My intention for 2019 is ‘consistency for self’.

My intention is based upon creating a more consistent approach to dedication to self. Maintaining a more consistent balance between self to family and work. I’ve learnt so many lessons in the previous 18 months. Now I feel comfortable to consolidate the knowledge and strategies to move forward in terms of a new approach to life.

What might your word, mantra, motto, affirmation – your intention – for 2019 be?

The setting of intentions is a fantastic journey ritual to acknowledge you have the right to change. You are under no obligation to be the same person you were a year ago, a month or even 15 minutes ago. You have the right to grow. Your journey path encourages to you change!

If meditation is not your thing, or you find it difficult to relax enough into yourself, your journal may be your tool of choice. In order to set your intention, I first recommend getting into your journal and answering the following questions:

  • What has worked in 2018? Why? When it worked, how did I feel?
  • What didn’t work this year and why? Dig a little deeper and ask yourself:
  • What should / could / would I do differently to not repeat the thoughts / feelings / experiences?
  • What might you need to refine or let go of in order to achieve the dream?
  • Is there a common theme which has arisen out of responding to the above questions?
  • What is the arising intention to enable you to rise above or embrace this theme?
I find having an annual themed intention enables me to regularly reaffirm the path I am taking which makes my heart sing. This path that enables me to shine my light to the world. The intention is one of several strategic tools I utilise to guide me on my journey path.

The joy of setting intentions is acknowledging that you have the right to change. It reminds me that I am not stuck.

The setting of an intention reminds me that I don’t have to be committed to a set of behavioural patterns, because they once worked in the past. You often can’t move forward if you are applying an old formula to a new level of challenge in your life.

Utilise the power of intention to create the new action formula to obtain a different set of results.

Through the use of positive affirmation and intention you can choose to change and bloom from within xxxxx