How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Private Retreat

How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Private Retreat



5 Reasons To Transform Your Bedroom Today

5 Tips To Transform Your Bedroom Into An Oasis Today
5 Tips To Transform Your Bedroom Into An Oasis Today
5 Tips To Transform Your Bedroom Into An Oasis Today
5 Tips To Transform Your Bedroom Into An Oasis Today
5 Tips To Transform Your Bedroom Into An Oasis Today


Karen Humphries, Change Chick, Change Facilitator, Kinesiology, Wellness Coach, Australian Bush Flower Essences, LEAP Facilitator, Trauma, Public Speaker, Cancer Ambassador, Blooming From Within, Traralgon, Victoria, Gippsland

About Karen

Change Facilitator

Karen Humphries is a Kinesiology Practitioner, Health & Business Coach, self-confessed laughaholic, and now Breast Cancer Advocate residing in Gippsland Victoria Australia. She loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

Create The Future You Want

Create The Future You Want

How to step back from ‘we’ and into ‘ME’!

We’ve had plenty of time to reflect on life before the virus. Some things we have missed from the old life and other aspects you may just be ready to kick to the kerb.

I don’t know about you but I have appreciated dropping the hustle and I won’t be returning to that. I have come to appreciate that I shouldn’t wait to take annual leave to feel relaxed — that’s what the weekend is for! There will be no more working seven days a week.

 I have officially dropped the hustle!

Whilst I see lots of social messaging about being positive, there are few who teach just how an individual can change their neural pattern and old patterns to truly embrace new mindsets.

Here are some tips I regularly share with my coaching clients.


To create the future you want, you must choose your words carefully.


Our dialogue is mighty powerful. The old saying that your thoughts become your actions is so true and I would add to this that your words become an action driver.

You are therefore what you think about. Hence I strongly recommend you need to be careful of every thought. 

Don’t bully or belittle yourself when you consciously catch the words in the air. Be kind and gentle with yourself as you commence this process.

Cancel Out Negative

Letting go of negativity from your mindset can feel a little intimidating when you first commence becoming consciously aware of wanting to make changes in your life.

Keep it simple and start the process of pulling yourself up on the negativity by stating “cancel that“. Then immediately reframe that negative comment into something positive. Don’t dally, don’t avoid, don’t procrastinate. Simply reframe to the exact opposite of the negative thing thought or spoken.

The more time you allow between the expression (thought or word), the more energy it collects to activate fulfilment. So get cracking!

By changing the word you change the intended action which follows. Do this often enough you change your behavioural pattern over time to a deeply positive connected self.


Be cautious about your conscious word within every conversation you have in relation to what is missing in your life. 


It’s one thing to have your inner dialogue be positive. But speaking negatively literally lowers your vibrational energy — your vibe goes low. That’s neither attractive to a friend, lover, child or employer. 

No one likes negative nancy.

Additionally what you focus your energy on is like being in a restaurant run by the universe. When you say something negative its like placing an order for a shit sandwich when you really want garlic prawns.

If you want to attract something grand and positive into your life, but you are talking and thinking about what is missing then you will continue to expand what is missing and attract more of it.

The universe I am sure has a wicked sense of humour. Our wishes thought, or spoken, are taken literally. So even stating “oh I hope this doesn’t happen”, is immediately translated into divine order and you add topping to the shit sandwich order!

Never talk about what is missing in your life.


Focus On Your Dream Life


Only ever focus on your dream life. Live with love as if you are already living the dream. The clearer you are on your dream, with minute details brought into focus, the more you are describing your order to the universe of exactly what you want.

For example, imagine that you enter your favourite restaurant. Your preferred chef is working and you know that each time they stick their head up from the kitchen window, and give a little wave of appreciation and gratitude with your smile. Why do you smile? Because you know, that chef knows, you only come to this restaurant for their prawns. It’s your absolute favourite and you moan like that movie “when Harry met Sally” every time you eat them.

Think now of how happy you are when you eat a gorgeous meal someone has prepared for you. And you have thirds, because seconds was even better than the first!

Do you see where I’m going with this? 

You imagine the colour of the fresh prawns. Imagine the aroma emanating from the steaming dish as it is brought to your table. Imagine the texture as you bite into the first mouthful and you begin to melt. God almighty I am hungry for prawns right now!

This is how you should think about your dream life. 

The miracle of the law of attraction is this — abundance flows when you allow gratitude to expand your heart space.


Only put your attention on what you intend and wish to create. 


Think again about the prawn dish. Just how different is it to your real life?

Never ask the Universe for money. Full Stop. Period. Nada.

Why? Because they will give you debt and bills first, then the money to pay for it. Your life won’t change in this circumstance or request.

But when you ask for something tangible, like the prawn dish, that’s when the miracles happen.

I find when it comes to attracting abundance into my life, I return to my dream of how and what I want my life to be. I then plan and do one new thing from all of the actions required to be living the dream, until it becomes second nature. Then I repeat that process, and continue repeating until one day I pinch myself because I am living the dream!

Ask and it is given — learn to manifest your desires through the practice of positive thinking. Again don’t ask for a car or your existing car will break down and you’ll be forced to get a new one. The universe can be cheeky bastards like that.

My last vehicle purchase I was very specific with details. I wanted to be able to open the door and slide into the seat, not step down or up into the vehicle. I wanted seat warmers, cup holders, storage, sunroof etc. I had a purpose and reason for every single feature of the vehicle.

Practice the idea of not putting your thoughts onto what is missing but focus on the positive as if it were already on its way.

Needless to say, I found my dream car for sale at the perfect price in less than a week!


Reflect on what you have enjoyed during COVID


There have been a number of advantages during COVID in terms of lifestyle and slowing down. Some have spring cleaned their homes. For me personally, I’ve spring cleaned my attitude and what I want out of life. 

Dropping the hustle has allowed me to embrace the simple things in life. That means I’m getting good at saying “yes” to me first and “I’ll get back to you” to everyone else. That’s a new habit that is here to stay.


Whatever you want to manifest in your life, focus on the positive. 


As you learn to harmonise in this way you elevate your thoughts as well as your vibrational energy to attract that which you want.

I live by the mantra that you can choose to change and bloom from within. Every experience in life is always another opportunity to learn and expand yourself.

As we re-enter COVID restrictions, consider the above ways to drop your hustle and get re-acquainted with yourself.

Karen Humphries, Change Chick, Change Facilitator, Kinesiology, Wellness Coach, Australian Bush Flower Essences, LEAP Facilitator, Trauma, Public Speaker, Cancer Ambassador, Blooming From Within, Traralgon, Victoria, Gippsland

About Karen

Change Facilitator

Karen Humphries is a Kinesiology Practitioner, Health & Business Coach, self-confessed laughaholic, and now Breast Cancer Advocate residing in Gippsland Victoria Australia. She loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

I Gift You Permission To Hit The Pause Button In COVID

I Gift You Permission To Hit The Pause Button In COVID

It takes a Conscious Choice to Nurture Self during the Lockdown


It’s a huge thing to stay at home during this pandemic COVID period. Governments around the word have locked down communities in an effort to pause the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives. has been the key message from the government, but it is so different from what we know to be normal.

The first and third instructed tasks can be ticked. But after a month of social isolation, the reference to staying safe at home may just be wearing a little thin for some.

Some would call this pandemic a global crisis. There’s nothing I can do about that in my personal world. That said, I am choosing to reframe this period of time as an opportunity to detach from the external world and focus on myself. That’s a little easier for me in some ways since I’ve been socially distancing since December due to treatment for cancer.

I truly believe this unique period is a rare gift of time that we have been granted. One can only hope that we will never see this in our lifetime ever again, and it hasn’t been seen since the great depression.

Some in our community are taking social distancing in their stride and simply modifying their daily routines to be able to juggle working from home, homeschooling their kids, as well as leaving the family home for limited and socially distance based exercise.

Others are feeling incredibly confined and restricted and it’s obvious from their social media posts, that life is very uncomfortable right now. For these people, it is perhaps a little scary for what life will be like after COVID.

You can tell who feels confined because they are complaining about it. And not every now and then. They are ranting as loudly as possible. Endlessly in fact, to whoever will listen. Their behaviour is their expression of feeling lockdown is unreasonable and irrational. They have become inflexible and feel hard done by.

For some who are isolated at home, they are confronted with all the things their busy life allowed them to avoid, and now the walls are feeling restrictive. These are the people who share pictures and stories of wine being consumed whilst schooling their children.

There are others bragging about three days in their pyjamas! What this picture is really saying is they are not coping and can’t find strategies to even choose to shower every day.

Let’s take the basic act of getting out of bed and showering. You wouldn’t have thought twice about not doing this when leaving the house — would you? Now during social isolation, there is an apparent acceptable lack of self-care for some.

Mindfully choosing to care enough for yourself to bathe and getting dressed should smell true to you (and to those you live with). Failing to undertake these small self-respecting tasks is a lack of intention towards self if you aren’t prioritising enough time in your day for a four-minute shower and fresh clothes.

Ask yourself what message are you sending yourself? It’s one thing to make a conscious decision to not bathe, perhaps because you haven’t exercised this day. It’s even ok to bum around for a day in your pj’s.

But if you simply can’t be bothered, is it time to ask yourself is everything ok?


Another example and yet subtle version of lack of self-care is binge-watching Netflix and at the same time scrolling through your phone. The perpetual scrolling means you’re not present in anything and simply avoiding the life occurring around you.

It’s perhaps time to ask yourself what do you really need right now?

And when you ask yourself this question, you had better be prepared to fulfil the answer rather than letting the mind be lazy!

When we feel antsy (which is really just a form of anxiety) ask yourself what would make me feel comfortable and safe right now?

Know this. Each of us is fully equipped to deal with what is present in our life. It is a matter of what you choose to do and how you choose to perceive your situation in life which dictates how well you cope.

So what are you choosing in terms of your experiences?

Might life be different if I gave you permission to reframe everything negative inside your head? Consider that done!


Here are some tips for easily implementable actions to get you through this lockdown phase.

1. Get dressed. Every day.

Physically changing out of your sleep clothes creates a subconscious neurological response that it’s time to get going. Take action. Remaining in your pyjamas all day is permissible on rainy weekend days or those dates whereby you’ve gifted yourself a mental health break. It’s still a choice to dress.

2 Have a shower.

Regular showering removes bacteria from the skin, which supports the body from infection. There’s also an argument for reduction of body odour, especially for those you are sharing confinement with!

3 Be mindful with your eating.

During the lockdown, it’s really easy to overindulge in everything — because it’s at our fingertips. By all means, have a piece of chocolate. But if you find yourself sneaking back to the fridge a second or third time ask yourself what you perceive you actually need right now?

Is it just because you’re skin hungry and in need of a treat? Or are you stuffing the sugar inside to avoid addressing an actual hidden emotional issue?

4 Exercise. Every day.

This suggestion isn’t rocket science. A simple 20 minute walk outside gifts your body so much. You get exposure to direct sunlight, which enables your body to make vitamin D.

Your body makes dopamine (the feel-good hormone) when you exercise. Regular exercise several times a week is great for your heart health.

Not to brag but this week I have walked a marathon and feel amazing. The exercise high has been so rewarding that I’ve decided to enter an event later in the year.

5 Step out of the house. Get a Nature Fix.

Every time you go outside, you gift yourself an automatic change in scenery to stimulate your senses. Take a different route each time to keep things interesting. Japanese medical practitioners even prescribe forest therapy for those who are stressed out and anxious!

Consider timing yourself on a specific route so that you can see your physical endurance building each time you go out. It’s great for encouraging a positive mindset. So hug a tree!

6 Reframe any negative self-talk.

Be mindful of your internal dialogue. Rather than punish yourself for thinking something negative, I grant you permission to ‘reframe’. The minute you choose to reframe a negative into a positive, you literally switch neurology pathways out of stress patterns and into solution-seeking neural responses.

You have nothing choosing to reframe and invite more positive into your life.

7 Recipe for relaxation.

Figure out what supports relaxation for you. Is it taking a bath? Perhaps some yoga or meditation? Is it self massage? Reading a book. making cubby houses with the kids. Playing board games. Online chats with friends. It could be as simple as not watching the news as often.

The list is endless but are you open to opportunities?

Let me be crystal clear, when I talk about relaxation, I’m talking about physical relaxation, emotional detachment and achieving mental clarity (ie no monkey chatter going on inside your head).

During the lockdown, you need to ensure that you are detaching from the confinement and allowing yourself to take advantage of the naturally slower pace of social distancing.

Take one small action each and every day to nurture yourself on all levels.

8 Break out with pets.

I have two young lab puppies from the same litter, so they do everything together — including being naughty! But I have to say that I can never be mad around these gorgeous creatures. They gift me an enormous amount unconditional love just by placing their heads in my lap.

And whilst I’ve been undergoing treatment for breast cancer, they have been a divine nurturing gift for my daughter. She’s teaching them to sit and stay and they are teaching her to laugh when they lick her. They are gifting her lessons in responsibility and respectful authority.

Pets gift us an instant dopamine fix. Working from home provides us with the perfect opportunity to have our fury therapy bags with us all the time!

9 Use technology to maintain the connection with friends.

Utilise the video technology available to you and video chat with friends and family. I am absolutely loving chatting with friends and seeing their faces at the same time. Book a ‘mate date’ with your friends and family in order to maintain your connections.


Regardless of your COVID experience, we are all feeling pinch points with respect to the perception of not being able to certain things in our life. I’m gifting you permission to step out of the expected normal and create the life you want.

How To Build Up Credit In Your Happiness Account

How To Build Up Credit In Your Happiness Account

Take The Test What Makes Your Heart sing whilst in lockdown

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received during COVID has been this, lockdown is a gift from the universe to work on yourself! Sounds a little strange I know but what if these strange and almost apocalyptic times could be perceived as an opportunity for personal growth?

Sure we might be home-schooling our kids, all whilst working remotely. But guess what?

All things are difficult until we try them, modify and make it easy.

You’ve currently got time right now because you aren’t absorbed into your normal routine. You aren’t doing all the normal crazy stuff of running here and there, fitting in all the sport and socialisation. You’ve essentially been gifted a time out from the universe to reboot, reset, rejuvenate and regenerate.

And before you give me every excuse under the sun, I can see how much time you’ve got based on the amount you’ve been posting on social media. I’m an ex-detective, I pay attention to shit like that. In fact, you’ve probably been Netflix binging as well. But what if I were to suggest spending half an hour exercising, working on your side hustle or passion? It would require effort and for you to apply yourself. And for some reason, this sounds difficult or like hard work.

So make it count! Now is the exact time to ask yourself “what might you have to do in order to change?”

None of us wants to settle for an average life which is discoloured by our inability to make our deepest wishes come true. But prior to COVID-19, is that what you were doing? Were you a mouse on the wheel simply going through the motions? Tony Robbins advocates the first step is goal setting and creating the invisible to visible.

But do you know how to follow through from goal setting to implementation instead of giving up early and not achieving? Goals when planted deep within our subconscious, should prompt our motivation into stimulated action. Goals should get you out of bed early in the morning and hungry to achieve the small steps to move forward.

But where do we get the drive to get and remain motivated? Dopamine is a brain neurotransmitter and is often considered a pleasure molecule. It is so much more. Dopamine makes us desire things and drives us out of the lounge chair, away from the TV and to our projects which give us rewards. Scientific research on rates, whereby pleasure centres of the brain were stimulated, demonstrated that dopamine drives brain developmental neural pathways, hence repeating patterns to achieve pleasure or reward.

Cool right?

Here’s the trick with goal implementation. Do a task associated with a pleasurable reward. Your brain will release dopamine because it is anticipating you will feel good. This is why drugs are so addictive.

What if your daily pursuit of happiness triggered similar effects to taking drugs? You’d do it, right? Well in actual fact when you’re scrolling through social media news feed, playing video games etc you are flooding your brain with dopamine and giving yourself a false hit, feeling let down when the high doesn’t arrive — so you do it more often and for longer to achieve success.

Just with this example alone, can you see how COVID could actually be a gift to disconnect from this fast lifestyle and reset how you seek happiness in your life?

Other than the obvious, ie social distancing, what do you need to detach from
or connect with in order to 
realise happiness in life? Do you actually know
what makes you feel happy without involving a handheld 
device? And yes,
we could be talking masturbation with toys here as well.

I’m asking you right here, right now. What makes you happy?

“The main difference (other than genetics) between happy and unhappy people are habits. Happy people engage in more happiness-boosting habits while unhappy people engage in more misery-inducing habits. It’s as simple as that.” — Develop Good Habits.

See how many of the following habits you can tick off the list!


1. Experience Flow Often —being fully immersed and involved in the present moment.


2. Exercise Regularly for both physical and mentally beneficial outcomes.


3. Stop And Smell The Roses — do you savour the moment and appreciate the positive experience?


4. Practice Mindfulness – the art of being fully present and aware of what we are experiencing.


5. Meditate — rewires the brain for happiness through complete relaxation.


6. Spend Time Outside — because you can but more importantly because it’s a mood accelerator.


7. Pursue Meaningful Goals – because it gives you a reason to get out of bed and be motivated every single day.


8. Spend Time With Friends And Family — investing in compassion and nurture within your social circle improves your listening, empathy and communication skills, which you can later apply to yourself.


9. Celebrate Other’s Success – respond with and share their enthusiasm from the other person, sharing the experience and their happiness as they bask in their success.


10. Engage In Deep Conversation – sharing the stuff that matters deepens our connections and allows us to be vulnerable, raw and speak our truth of what really matters. The happiness here comes from the sharing of dialogue.


11. Let Go Of Materialism — Instead of focussing on stuff, place your happiness meter against your experiences, friendships, passions, and hobbies, in order to determine what brings joy to your life


A mountain of research has shown that materialism depletes happiness, threatens satisfaction with our relationships, harms the environment, renders us less friendly, likable, and empathetic, and makes us less likely to help others and contribute to our communities.” — Sonja Lyubomirsky.

12. Give Freely — “True happiness consists of making others happy,” says an ancient Hindu proverb. Helping others through being kind, generous and willing to lend a hand is a pillar stone to happiness.

13. Practice Gratitude — According to Develop Good Habits, the emotion of gratitude has consistently been one of the strongest happiness boosters known in scientific literature.

You hear me say this again and again, your thoughts become your actions. So it makes sense that the more you are actively practising gratitude, the more you will have to be grateful for and will be provided with more things to be grateful for. It becomes a never-ending abundance cycle.

14. Practice Forgiveness — probably my favourite quote of all time is that of Buddha who once said:

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the
one getting burned.

Forgiveness is never for the other party but a gift to ourselves to lighten the emotional burden of our response. Our inability to forgive harms ourselves more than anybody else, including our wrong-doers.

15. Have Hope And Optimism For The Future — This is pretty challenging right now with COVID and the unknown date for the lifting of lockdown. Here’s the thing, when we have an intention to be hopeful and are open for future opportunities, we feel excited, enthusiastic, motivated, and happy. We feel light. However when we overthink, go external to ourself and worry about the scenarios, we can feel anxious, depressed, and devoid of meaning.

16. Comfort Yourself In Hard Times — how do you treat yourself in tough times. Are you self critical, blaming, or put yourself down? Or are you reflective, positive and seeking opportunities for self-improvement?

17. Use Character Strengths Often — are you courageous, confident, compassionate, loyal, optimistic towards yourself on a daily basis?

18. See Your Job As A Calling — you gain more satisfaction from the worker for the greater good which contributes to something larger than yourself? Or is your work just a job where you make money?

19. Have Things To Look Forward To — Happy people tend to live active and somewhat busy lives, and the activities in the calendar provide anticipation of the happiness to come.

20. Spend Money On Experiences — I’ve long been a fan of experiences over gifts. It’s what life is all about, not the stuff we can buy. A wise mentor once reminded me that when you’re on your deathbed, you remember all the good old times with your friends and family, not the good old times with your hot red car or your stuff you’ve bought over the years.

21. Limit Your News Consumption — external media is paid to create sensationalism, to involve an emotional reaction. Guess what, you’ll react more intensely and for longer if the news is bad, rather than good. Additionally, only one viewpoint is ever broadcast on the news and it’s generally what the government of the day approves.

22. Aim For Good Enough — did you know that research indicates when we have a myriad of opportunities or possibilities to choose from we get stuck in making choice based on regret, social comparison, inability to adapt and concern about status. If you’re a maximiser, you’re always striving for the best of everything. However, if you’re a satisficer, you’re happy when something is good enough. You can change to become a satisficer when you move the perception from perfection to realisation.

23. Don’t Overthink Shit — you bottom out your happiness account with overthinking. Because each lap a negative thought does inside your head adds luggage to the cargo. You start to second guess yourself. You begin to doubt yourself. You create fears inside your head that didn’t previously exist – what if I’m not good enough? If you find yourself stuck wallowing, mindfulness is going to be an exceptionally useful tool for you to unwind the pattern.

24. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others — the minute you take your attention off yourself and place it on another you’ve lost control and cease investing in implementing your goals. Stick with remaining mindful or grateful for all that you have achieved. Measure your success off you.

25. Pursue Intrinsic Goals — the extrinsic goal is all about making it. The intrinsic goal is all about enjoying the process and links with our values and deeply held beliefs whereby our human needs are fulfilled.

26. Spend Time With Furry Friends — I’ve recently added two lab pups to my household. There’s something about having a wet nose greets you when you’re feeling challenged, and petting the soft hair. There are no narky discussions, just acceptance as love is exchanged. Animals are a happiness magnet and seem to soak up all your Negative nancy with a single pat!


Happiness isn’t something you purchase, it’s something you achieve internally through repeated action which becomes habits. The habit naturally drives us to strive to continually fill the happiness bucket!

Do what makes you happy

Be with you makes you smile

Laugh as mich as you breathe

Love as long as you live

How To Visualise Letting Go Of Crap

How To Visualise Letting Go Of Crap

Tips To Minimise Your Crap Debt and Feel Free

We all have stuff in our lives. Some of it is joyous, and some of it is utter crap. You’ve heard of people telling you “just let that crap go”, but it is easier said than done.

Here are some basic creative visualisation methods to support you creating a healthy habit to clear the crap debt you collect each day and move towards feeling freer in your life.

Get Comfortable First


I would strongly recommend before commencing anything, that you have to be seated or lying somewhere. You must be absolutely comfortable in order to let go and to do so you need to feel safe in your physical position.

So I spend some time getting comfy first. My favourite meditation cushion and weighted blanket are my first go-to items. Music and lighting are also conducive to creating the right mood for release.

Mindful breathing


I always do my best work with slow purposeful breath with myself and with clients. Our bodies require relaxed slow deep breathing in order to achieve relaxation. Why? Because purposeful breath turns off the flight/fight response.

The easiest way for me to describe purposeful breathing is this. It involves consciously breathing slowly in over a count of four, pausing for a count of two, then breathing out slowly over a count of four.

It sounds obvious I know but if you experience anxiety, panic or simple overwhelm then you will likely be shallow breathing and in a state of neurological subconscious defence. In other words, your body will be primed for flight or fight.

What we are aiming for with slow deep breathing is to be relaxed between the in and out breaths. Elizabeth Peru references this pause between each breath as space whereby we connect to our soul, our hidden truth if you prefer. Additionally, we need to be comfortable so that we don’t get distracted when we are connected within our visualisations.



Once you’re relaxed, and before you allow yourself to visualise any of the options, you must consciously recognise and acknowledge you are in a safe place. Don’t commence until you feel completely safe and can connect with the arising emotions you feel stuck with.

Whenever I undertake this exercise I always ensure I am in a private quiet space. I inform my family I need some privacy and tell them I’m meditating or processing stuff. They’re smart enough to leave me to it.

I have a ritual for this process. I have a special meditation cushion, specific music and a candle in a large glass vase. I make the space sacred for me to go inwards and connect with what has to be shifted. I gift myself by instructing my body with conscious permission to release what no longer serves me.

I utilise a variety of different visualization options which I’ve included below as a sample. Remember it’s your emotions to shift and your imagination to release anything dark so that you can return to your light.

Visualisation Option #1 Inflate a Balloon


Give your body permission to connect to your frustration, anger or rage using your breath. As you breathe in calm, connect to the anger and negative energy within you. As you release your breath into a balloon, allow it to be forceful and angry.

The idea of this is to enable yourself to connect with where you have stored the negativity, and breath into it so that it may shift.

You can do with literally with a balloon or figuratively in your imagination. If you are simply picturing blowing up the balloon, then allow it to float away into the sky. The key with this option is to continue looking at the skyline until you can no longer see the balloon.

Alternatively, you can stomp on the balloon until the emotion is released.

Finish the exercise checking in with yourself and the emotions. Repeat the process until the anger has dissipated or at least you’re feeling more in control.

The ultimate goal of this visualisation is to allow the safe shift of anger from your body as anger within cells becomes toxic very quickly.

Be sure to have your journal nearby so that you can sit quietly and document how you’re feeling after the release. Often you open yourself up to a goldmine of insight and space for forgiveness once the anger has calmed.

Visualisation Option #2 Domestic Napalm


I’m an industrial chemist by trade, so I have a recipe that we studied in the final year, to create domestic napalm! I know I’m a bit quirky aren’t I?

I used to be quite the nasty bitch when I was younger, and if someone pissed me off, I would have a Bridgette Jones moment and imagine blowing up people who ticked me off.

Nowadays when I reflect on a trigger event or person, I allow myself to connect with the feelings that have been generated from an incident. Afterall these feelings are mine to be dealt with and no one else’s. It’s my responsibility for how I feel and choose to change back to a space of happiness.

For this option, I allow myself to picture the arising nasty feelings. I get very clear on where it is in my body by giving the emotion a shape, colour, texture and density. Then I dissociate myself from it so I can see exactly what the emotion is associated with, as no longer part of me. And then I blow that shit up.

I studied drugs and bombs at university, so I still get the thrill of exploding things, even if only in my mind. Sometimes it’s like fireworks, other times it’s like exploding fuel tankers.

The ultimate goal of this visualisation is to identify exactly where in my body I have stored the emotions. I acknowledge the emotion, let it go. I then reach for my Louise Hay “You can heal your life” book and find the affirmation for that part of my body and journal out what negative story I had been telling myself and finish with one of Louise’s affirmations.

Visualisation Option #3 Become the Pirate Captain of the Ship


You may laugh, but if you’ve got the inclining to want to be physical because your rage is so intense, picture yourself as a pirate captain and force the ‘trigger person’ to walk the plank.

If your anger is attributed to a person who has been pushing you around verbally or emotionally, visualising making them walk the plank can feel very satisfying.

Let me clarify this exercise is excellent to enable you to get verbal and to swear like a sailor and get a whole bunch of stuff off your chest. This way you can express all the shit out, without having to face a nasty or ugly confrontation.

The pirate ship represents a place of power and authority in the situation, where you remain on board and in control. Forcing someone to walk the plank along the narrow steps to be taken to a jump to the tumultuous sea below adopts the concept that you have taken your power back.

Should you chose this option, I would recommend that you sit quietly with your journal and explore what it has cost you to lose your voice or have your boundaries stepped on. Ask yourself what you may now need to do to feel secure again. This may require some more release, and that’s ok.

Visualisation Option #4 Put your Luggage on a Small Sailboat


Image stuffing your negative anger-based emotions into bags of luggage and placing those bags onto a small sailboat which will sail away into calm waters. The beach represents the security of a safe place, and stability where you can remain physically grounded. The lagoon is a safe place of emotions to accept the easy release.

Allow your imagination to picture you standing on the beach of a quiet lagoon or inlet. Place your baggage into the small boat, and then push the boat into the water.

Picture yourself standing on the sand watching the sailboat drifting towards open water. Continue watching the boat until you can no longer see it. Once you can no longer see the boat, take a breath and check-in with how you feel. Are you feeling lighter now or is there more emotional crap to be addressed?

If there is still more emotion residing repeat the process.

The goal of this visualisation is to allow yourself to connect with how heavy the emotional luggage is. Connect with how hard you’ve been hanging onto the garbage feelings and thoughts by linking with how hard it was to push the boat. Was it easy or a struggle? Did it take a long time for the boat to sail away?

Visualisation Option #5 Fresh Water Creek


Picture yourself walking through native bushland. I’ve grown up bushwalking my whole life and have favourite national parks that I regularly visit. For some, this might not hold true, so if there is a local park that will work as well.

Imagine the sun shining through the trees, you are warm and safe. Walk down the creek embankment and sit on a large rock which is above the water-line. Connect with your feelings, and place your feet into the water.

Allow the water to become turbulent which washes against your feet, cleansing the emotion. You sit safely on the rock, watching the colour of the emotion washing out of your feet and into the creek and disappearing. Once the emotion has gone, the water stills once again and you continue to bath on the rock in the sun.

The goal of this visualisation is to allow yourself to feel safe, immersing a small portion of yourself into the water, which represents emotions. Allowing yourself to visualise the creek rising, is inviting your body to allow the emotions to arise and safely release.

Sometimes the visualisation process becomes too difficult on our own and this is where guided meditation can be very useful as homework for my professional clinic clients. I often prescribe the following physical techniques to support your release process.

Physical Option #1 Bang a Pillow


For over a decade I participated in spiritual healing retreats, whereby we would get on the floor and connect with the feelings of whatever it was we were working through. And then we would grab a pillow and bang it into another. This way we didn’t hurt ourselves as we released, but bloody hell do you work up an angry sweat!

Sometimes, there are occasions whereby you feel so volatile and you want to hurt someone that’s how angry you are. This is a safe way to burn off some of the steam that can build up, especially if a situation isn’t able to be quickly resolved. Using the pillow means that you don’t hurt yourself or anyone around you.

Physical Option #2 Write A Fuck You Letter


Several of my mentors summed this up perfectly when recommending writing a fuck you letter. It’s one way to say exactly what you want, as if the person was standing in front of you. You can get as explicit as you want and express it all out.

The only trick with this option is we never ever send the letter, we burn it.

The reactions and feelings are yours, and the letter helps you release them, rather than sharing the poison or playing shit sandwich tennis.


Whatever your preferred release method is, it’s always recommended that if the matter isn’t easily resolved you reach out and seek further support to address anything negative arising or worse, festering within you. You can choose to change and bloom from within.

Manifesting Good Vibes Only

Manifesting Good Vibes Only

Breast cancer has been a gift on so many levels. I have met some incredibly talented people along the way and will continue to do so. As part of this cancer chapter, so far I’ve had extensive surgery prior to undergoing adjuvant therapy.

I was recently sharing the story with a friend, of how I interacted with my surgical teams in theatre. I was telling them, that I was surprised to observe that not many people talk and interact with staff in the sterile room. They simply get wheeled into the sterile room, get the good juice and whadda bing bam boom, and then you wake up. Not me. I made eye contact with each of my team members and formed a bond.

I very quickly figured out it’s not normal or routine for patients to liaise with theatre staff. My surgical team had a stunned reaction to what I said to them … I told my surgical teams “we were embarking on a reinvention journey for my body”. We weren’t just operating to remove cancer, we were evolving me to a place of health. It helped my mindset that cancer resulted in a new set of boobies!

I thanked these wonderful staff in advance. I thanked them for waking up that morning and deciding to come to work and be of service to me. Their faces simply lit up that they had been thanked.

I blessed them for their skills and thanked them for their dedication and their time to care for me. I looked at each of them in the eye and told them I was grateful. I’m getting teary just sharing this with you because I’m remembering their heartfelt hugs and their statements “we’ve got you Karen”. I couldn’t think of a more positive way to commence the process of a mastectomy and breast reconstruction – with heartfelt love.

I know my surgical team all had smiles on their dials as they worked in the vibration of joy, whilst working on my body each time. For the second and third surgeries, staff remembered me and welcomed me back with loving smiles.

Theoretically we are all conceived in love and I wanted my surgical reinvention to be the same!

So my small intention-based action of thanking my surgical team had massive flow-on effects.

  • I woke up calm, well and relaxed from the general anaesthetic;
  • I had 145cm of suture line which predominantly healed exceptionally well in a very short period of time;
  • I maintained a great healing mindset and my physiotherapy went smoothly.

I instilled abundance and joy as a vibrational energy into my new breasts.

So how can you establish good vibes for your life in general, let alone significant milestone events? I used the Law of Attraction Principles. I knew when surgery was planned and did some preparation meditation and journaling, attending to any arising fears. Then I did the following:

1. See It

In this example I envisaged the dream life I wanted, or state I want to be living. Complication free surgery and recovering. I included in my vision, feeling joyous, abundantly happy and flowing with life. I included very specific details in the vision of the life I want. This helped later on to be clear when I was achieving success and evidencing change.

So I envisaged being able to easily get out of bed post-surgery, without aid, without cannulas, drains or drips. Guess what? Most of the tubing was removed by day three, ahead of anticipated schedule. I envisaged myself sitting out of bed comfortably, moving easily around my hospital room and at home. I allowed myself to see myself comfortable in my new shape and love it.

I allowed my meditation to see beyond the scarring to one year down the track when everything was healed. Two months out this remains my focus, newfound freedom with the new shape.

2. Believe it

The second part to the meditative envisaging stage is to believe what you see is real. Your brain, believe it not, does not recognise real from imagined. The trick with believing your dream life is true is to eliminate any and all negative aspects. This is the time to get your journal out and pour out all of the ‘what ifs’, all the worries of what could go wrong. Often when you have brought this negative stuff to the surface and given it air, the negative thought or feeling deflates, and your logic brain can override the fear. Once the fear response is dialled down, your brain can then problem solve alternative options.

3. Live as if it already is true

One of my favourite things I love about the Law of Attraction is living my dream life as if it already is occurring. The third part of manifesting good vibes, apart from seeing and believing is the connection to how you will feel when you live your best life. It’s this connection to the good emotional juju, all the good feels, that drives the dream being realised.

It’s not about winning a million dollars, because let’s face it – you still have all the same problems. But if you address any arising negative thought patterns as you focus on your dream life, and embrace more joy, more harmony and gratitude and more love into your life, you realise that you are in fact living a life with good vibes only!

You really can choose to change and bloom from within, making small changes to live your dream life.