So you’re just about to relocate your home or business?

Do you find yourself drained after visiting a certain place or person?

Do you sometimes pick up  vibe that someon’s juju isn’t quite right? Or worse you feel like they have sucked the life right out of you?

Are you seeking ways to amplify and protect your light spark energy, get grounded and claim your sacred space?  Perhaps you’re seeking ways to invoke angelic protection?

No worries, I’ve got your covered.

Everyone has a purpose in life…a unique gift or special talent to share with others. We all have a light spark, that emanates from the heart. It’s your job to share that light with the world.

Learn how easy it is to get grounded and claim your sacred space and live your best energetic life.

Enjoy this free workbook whereby I introduced the basics of the following:

  • how to get grounded,
  • how to call back your energy,
  • how to amplify the energy of your affirmations

so that you can live and work your dream life!

Why is this so important? Humans are like energetic unicorns sprinking our light sparks everywhere we go.  This is great until we realise that this can drain our physical energy and spread us too thin on the energy scale.

“The term ‘spiritual warrior‘ is used in Tibetan Buddhism for one who combats the universal enemy: self ignorance, the ultimate source of suffering.

A light worker is  soul who hears the cry to help change the world and a light warrior is a soul who consciously chooses to respond.”

― Kyle Gray, Light Warrior

As a self confessed light warrior, I answered my spiritual call roughly two decdes ago.  I’ve studied many practices and modalities to ensure my tool box can support many.

Working with your energy grounded into your sacred space is essential if you’re a light worker. And it’s vital to know how to call your light spark back to you if you are planning on relocating your unique service that you provide the world.

It is second nature for me to now invoke the angelic realm into all that I do, to ensure I remain grounded, centered, focussed, balanced and protected.

My free ‘Bring Your Energy With You’ Workbook is perfect for the beginner light warrior. There are basic instructions on how to ground, claim your sacred space, call back your energy and invoke angelic protection.

Should you wish to experience any of the exercises as an individual or have me aattend your regular group gathering please reach out.

We can discuss your specific needs including whether joining one of my existing meditation classes or programs can achieve your desires. 

About Karen

Change Facilitator

Karen Humphries is a Kinesiology Practitioner, Health & Business Coach, Intuitive Meditation Facilitator, self-confessed laughaholic and joy seeker. She learnt to use meditation with other modalities to recover from a traumatic experience, and fell in love with the modality so much she learnt to teach it!

She loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

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