Above & Beyond

Dear Universe,

for so long now I’ve dreamed of working with groups of people, for no other reason other than to support others to find their light – just like I found mine over two decades ago.

Thank you universe, for gifting me so many tools that I can now share with others. These tools which combine my soul and the science, to become my true essence.

Honouring this is what enables me to point my true north.

Survive or Thrive?

Life is jam packed with experiences.

Some gift us joy and love, others gift us lessons, and at times, can make life feel hard.

Are you experiencing stress (of the cirrent times) whereby you feel stuck or trapped?

Have you experienced moments of feeling helpless, out of control or at the mercy of forces outside yourself.

Are you feeling discouraged, depressed, or sometimes overwhelmed with news or social media reports.


Feeling isolated or uncertain?

Perhaps your kids are struggling with homeschooling?

How well are you coping with the juggle of working from home and teaching your kids?

Is your tolerance a little low?

Perhaps your experiencing employment challenges but wanting some form of support right now?

Maybe you’re just honouring a calling from deep within that something has to change? Perhaps that calling is asking you who am I? Or where is my life taking me?

I get it. I have felt the same … life is more than challenging right now, you could almost deem life at times a little traumatic.

When I don’t use my tools to put myself first and self care, I readily feel defensive with the barrage of changes occuring in modern society. This casues me to withdraw at the slightest provocation out of the frustration of being at the mercy of forces seemingly beyond my control.

At times like this, I have not feel peaceful. This isn’t a space where I easily reside in my heart – I know I’m not alone.

So I’ve returned to my soul science practice, my spirituality. Here in this space, and the time I create, life is constant and stable. I am grounded, centered, focussed, balanced and protected.

When I do this my light shines brightly.

Spirit calls me to live my best life, nothing more or less. I see how this unfolds in my dreams. I’ve channelled sacred messages during my meditations. I am now sharing this invitation to you now, join me and figure out how to live YOUR best life too.

Can you feel the call too?

Do you have good tingles with this invitation? Did you just get goosebumps reading that? Want some more high vibe connection?

Before you can take any action to right your life, you need to feel safe, stable and grounded, not in a state of fight or flight.

Above & Beyond

I’ve received the calling and I finally feel brave enough to step out of my comfort zone to make this offer.

I’ve felt the shift to leave the overthinking of my headspace, and choose to be reside from that sacred space in my heart.

In my visions I see you want this too?

I am continuing to be called upon by Spirit in my daily meditations and nature immersions. I am being called to share what I have learnt, what I know and how to do it.

I am being guided to gather a group of like minded individuals to come rise above their current siutations and unite with pure heart to activate your connection to your innate wisdom and ultimately your higher self.

Connection with your heart space activates your resilience resources to rise above and move beyond your current reality. This is how you live your best life.

Defusing your stress from the 3D stress of our current society could be the most important discovery of your life.

The purpose of spiritual awakening is to remove the blockages that cause your fear – Michael Singer

What does the invitation include?

You may be an existing client, or perhaps drawn to my vibe. You could have the desire to be part of a broader, like-minded tribe? You may simply be experiencing an awakening and be seeking answers?

I am calling in those who are ready to join a tribe that is safe to speak and live in your truth. The truth of living your best life.

Above & Beyond Membership

offers you the opportunity to energetically experience a Remote Group Kinesiology Balance each month. To provide support and resources between sessions and support your evolution, I’m providing all the support and group work in a private Telegram Account. 

I’m using Telegram for it’s simplicity and ability to freely share all of my soul science resources that keep me bouyant throughout the year.

Each month participants receive the following:

🌟 a remote group kinesiology balance

🌟 weekly reiki

🌟 occassion recorded meditations

🌟 spiritual growth support and affirmations

🌟 occassional oracle cards with insights

Every second month, I present a 🌟bookclub🌟 exploration of new tools that can easily be actioned in your life. This month we’re exploring The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. There are audio recordings and a workbook to make life easier.

Group Remote Soul Restoration Sessions

are conducted in the middle of each month to allow the tribe to gain an energy boost when creativity tends to dwindle. Participants complete a template form and submit their identified areas of challenge that month.

It never ceases to surprise me that when a group of individuals come together, you can amplify the energy of what you’re working on and gain a myriad of extra insight you otherwise couldn’t access.

You are prompted to identify your change intentions or challenges faced, or even the goal you are striving towards. Remember we will collectively work together to rise ABOVE and move BEYOND your current space to a higher vibration of self love.

When you work in a group, we all hold space for each other. We shall honour the goal of your dream life, and together as a tribe, energetically hold space for you to learn how to shine.

Session Summary Recording

When the stress defusion session is  performed, a summary of the session is recorded. This recording is uploaded as a private youtube recording (for ease of watching), and the link in saved in our private Telegram group.

Each stress defusion session incorporates the group’s identified goals/challenges. You don’t need to attend or be available (like you would at an individual telehealth session).

Just like a tv remote does’t have to touch the TV to change the channel, remote kinesiology works using the energetic layers at the level of your higher self.

The science of quantum physics explains that when we make corrections to our energetic field allow this positive effect to flow into your physical body. In turn this positive influence flows within the mental and emotional aspects of life.

Within the Telegram Channel, I offer a combination of recorded videos, meditations, affirmations, and other spiritual resources. The group members also receive reiki and are connected to a Healy energised crystal grid.

Memberships can be cancelled at any time.

Just like my podcast, the name of this membership group is intentionally affirmation based.

Rise ABOVE and move BEYOND Membership Program incorporates all of the tools I use in clinic  to support you meeting your highest self needs.

This group membership is me answering the call from Spirit, to be of service to many.

My aim is to

  • Provide you a judgement free space that welcomes all humans regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or even vaccination preference
  • Provide you with the opportunity to take on complete self-responsibility for yourself, by learning to connect with and listen to your own inner knowing / intuition
  • Teach you how to strengthen your Nervous System to let go of stress, anxiety and overwhelm through specific breathing and heart connection techniques that I’ve learnt in my intuitive meditation training
  • Create a safe, inclusive, supportive, and sacred space to enable you to experience a deeper subconscious connection to self, which enables you to return to your own love and highest good within

Who can participate?

This membership group provides everyone with an exclusive invitation to rise ABOVE the current societal fear based stress by including you in a group kinesiology balance.

You get to choose to move BEYOND old patterns and habits by utilising the suggested tools such as affirmations, intention, journal prompts and even meditation.

Accepting the invitation aims to guide you toward an immediate release of stress and authentic awakening which so many of us seek.

When you awaken to the connection of your authentic truth.

Crystal grids are changed monthly to align to lunar cycles and refresh the energetic alignment. At first glance, a crystal grid is just an arrangement of crystals in a geometric pattern.

However, creating a grid is about combining the energies of different crystals in a specific way to supercharge them!

You might want more love or joy in your life, a better relationship with money, or a bit more peace, or even less stress. Whatever it is, a crystal grid can help harness some of the energy bursting through the universe. I am often guided by the amazing Caitlin Grace to create specific crystal grids which align to high vibration to move us beyond the pandemic.

Each member also has their name added to the crystal grid.

There is an additional vibrational frequency added to the crystal grid using a specific Healy programs. Healy is a frequency healing device which can transmit specific healing frequencies regardless of time, space or distance using a Tesla coil.

Tesla has said if you want to think of healing, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. The Healy does this by transmitting frequencies to your information field, and, once your cells become receptive through regular use, miracles and healing are possible.

Imagine how you can embrace your passion for life to utilise your power to move beyond the limitations of life as you know it.

Is it time for us to join forces?

There’s so much positive intention supporting this tribal gathering each month and your ability to rise ABOVE and move BEYOND.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge to become an Affiliate?

There is no charge to apply, or maintain your Affiliate status with my business.

Is Affiliate status for everyone?

I have spent two decades building my referral network. The relationships I have created and maintained are extremely valued. I treat these relationships are like treasure.

Therefore, acceptance as an Affiliate will be based on an assessment that our values are shared, and the integrity of our businesses align.

If we haven't met, I will organise a discovery video meeting so that we can make an energetic connection.

The Affiliate program does not provide you with technical training of how to operate social media or newsletter platforms. Please note there are some technical aspects required to share my product links, which refer your audience to my website.

If you require assistance in setting up tech, your affiliate commission may be reduced for a probation period. We shall discuss this during your discovery call to ensure Affiliate status is a good fit for you.

There may be occassions when affiliations may not be in the best interest of either party. For example, certain projects, campaigns, conferences etc, there may be a professional conflict of interest arise. Should this occur, Karen will make all attempts to clarify the conflict in writing and negotiate a mutually beneficially outcome.

Affiliate Management

I have a Word press website, and utlise WP-Affiliate plugin. This plugin enables me to

  • advertise Affiliate application
  • register new Affiliates
  • provide you with a creatives library (my Affiliate products available for you to share with your audience for commission sale)
  • track generalised statistics of how you share my Affiliate product links
  • track which of your clients search and purchase my Affiliate products
  • provide you with Affiliate commision payments each month (based on sales by your customers)

Affiliate Payments

All Affiliate commission payments, will commence at 10% of the total sale price as a commission for all orders of
my products placed through your affiliate link.

This % will be reviewed based on your statistical performance. Additionally your commission rate may fluctuate for special promotions.

I haven’t done spiritual work before, but I feel called to participate…

COVID has gifted us with opportunities to think and operate outside the square, and way beyond a reality of life that we had been comfortable.

This program is designed to support all participants walking their path, and standing in their truth. When we resonate in our heart space we learn how to shine our light to the world.

The benefit of utilising telegram is that none of the material I post can be filtured or altered in any way. This means you get to immerse yourself into combined and magnified energy to do your transformation and healing work.

About Karen

Change Facilitator

Karen Humphries is a Change Facilitator. She holds qualifications in Kinesiology Wellness Coach and Intuitive Meditation Teacher. Karen is a self-confessed laughaholic, and now Breast Cancer Advocate residing in Gippsland Victoria Australia. She loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

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