Top 6 Tips to Boost Certainty In Self

Top 6 Tips to Boost Certainty In Self

The last ten years we’ve had to create room for our internal or personal expansion. This has resulted in consequential distortions within our energetic fields, and you may know this as your ego self. You may also know these fields as your emotional, mental, physical or even energetic self. These distortions have been needed to arise within your consciousness to enable your acknowledgement and release of the old patterns that no longer serve you.

The coming decade invites an array of abundance in terms of greater awareness of who we are as individuals, and an ever-greater sense of the need to be accountable for self. To migrate the steps forward we will need to be grounded, mature, and centred within self. We will need to acquire a greater sense of clarity of who we are and what triggers our happiness like never before. And we’re going to need to integrate all these contexts into all of self – physical, mental, emotional and energetic selves.

Sound like fun? Probably not!

In his recent channelled message, Matt Kahn explains that this required acclimation from raising our vibrational energy to the fifth dimension, could be referred to as allowing the “old self die off”. This resonated strongly with me, since everyone within my spiritual network (everything I’ve read or listen to) have all been discussing the paradigm shifts required to evolve into the New Age of Aquarius.

Potential symptoms of “Old Self Die Off” reported by Matt Kahn, and other well-known spiritual leaders, are likened to by my clinic clients, can include:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Physical weakness
  • The sense of being stuck, unable to move forward, invisible, unheard, or the fear of being left behind or failing
  • Experiencing bouts of sadness, sorrow, guilt, abandonment, apathy, or boredom
  • Getting bogged down with procrastination or avoidance, even when you know what has to done
  • Inability to find clarity in speaking your truth or expressing yourself, getting tongue tied
  • A heightened sensitivity or intolerance to foods, EMF frequencies, or the drama of others
  • Amplified waves of anxiousness, nervous energy that get recycled by patterns of over-consumption
  • Profound moments of forgetfulness, bewilderment, and confusion
  • A sense of defeat or the feeling of being engulfed by fear, worry, and unworthiness, or even uncertainty.

So here’s my tips to reconnect to yourself, to be sure of your thought processes, words expressed and general certainty of who you are. It requires commitment to self. And your daily devotion now needs to be throughout the day, not just moments in time. This can sound a little overwhelming for some, but the tips can be very simple.


1.  Identify a new habit trigger for yourself

Because I work hands on with most of my clients, I am actively participating in their energy fields. So for me, I need to release the last person I have made contact with before I kickstart working on another. I use Australian Bush Flower Essences blend ‘space clearing’ to clear the room. I have a grounding intention. I start my day with reiki for myself, the room and all who enter the space.

For clients who have no self care rituals, I suggest introducing an alarm on your phone which dings “it’s time to love on yourself right now with ten slow deep breaths”.

Want a fabulous reference to create a new habit trigger, click here for this fabulous podcast to create positive habit triggers in your life! Introducing habit triggers enables you to build capacity of your certainty in self that you are capable of introducing and maintaining the desired changes in your life.


2.  Embrace change

If you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, you will continue to get what you get! We increase our certainty in our self when we step out of our comfort zone and tackle challenges from a whole new approach.


3.  Get honest with yourself

You can make anything in your life happen, but you’re in charge of that! Consider what do you need to be ‘doing’ in a years’ time, to make this dream happen. Now figure out what small thing you can do today which, if you repeat this task or action frequently, you’ll have the habit in a year?

By setting yourself and completing small tasks, you increase your certainty in self through providing yourself evidence that you are competent and you can change.


4.  There are no new lessons

We need to embrace the old ones again and again, at a deeper and deeper level.  Go back to number five, and remind yourself that ‘you’re in charge’! Reflection of the lessons we’ve learnt over time, and how we continue to learn from our experiences, deepens our belief and certainty of what is right and wrong. We get to refine our internal barometer.


5.  Quit the negative self talk

We’ve all experienced negative self talk in our lives. It’s impossible not to with the volume of thoughts we have each day. Experts estimate that our mind can think an estimated 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. That’s an average of 2500 – 3,300 thoughts per hour!


According to the National Science Foundation, an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts. If we repeat those negative thoughts, we think negative way more than we think positive thoughts.


By consciously acknowledging our negative thoughts and stating small affirmations such as “I choose to change” and then reframing the negative statement into a positive one, we are literally re-wiring our brains and subliminal thought patterns. It’s a little overwhelming when first commencing this activity because it feels like we are constantly reframing our internal dialogue.

The more we capture negative thoughts before they become words, the faster we reaffirm our certainty through connection with our instincts. The more positive our thoughts, the lighter our vibration and higher our physical energy is available to us. We then commence to trust in our selves.


6.  Face your fears

We all have fears, every single person on the planet has them. And whilst we aren’t born with resilience, we are born with and can even inherit fears. By facing your fears, one little step at a time you are both embracing courage, and, building resilience. The creation of your resilience reserves enables you to further enhance the certainty that you can achieve positive mindset to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

One of the most debilitating fears we could have is to be fearful of uncertainty, the unknown or even the future. This type of fear means you aren’t anchored into the present moment, but, protracting your negative emotions to the cosmos. It’s like going to a restaurant and order a bowl of noodles, and then expecting to receive a bowl of crap!

We all experience moments of time where our certainty of who we are and where we are headed gets wobbly. Kinesiology is a fabulous modality to iron out the wrinkles and speed wobbles, defusing the stress of life and associated fears so you can live your best life.

Need some more information on how best to align your energy. Check out my blog entitled “10 Tips To Align Your Energy”? Click here to read the full article.

Always remind yourself that you really can choose to change and bloom from within by working on your ‘certainty’.

It’s the simple things in business that matter

It’s the simple things in business that matter

The two most significant things I initially invested into my business fifteen years ago, are still relevant and useful today. Both items at the time purchase, were financially significant because my business was only part time and they were what I considered then to be expensive.

The first item was a high-quality portable massage table. It was not only comfortable for the recipient to lie on for the duration of an hour consultation, but also had a large weight carrying capacity. This was an important factor when dealing with people trying to lose weight, pregnant women and gigantic footy players! This meant that I could have big people on my table and not have to worry about the legs failing, or the table tipping.

This portable table is also very light to carry, and easy to place in and out of my car. And the best feature of all, it is height adjustable. So, my back never gets sore when I work.

Of course, now that I have permanently migrated into my clinical environment, I have an electric table, which is brilliant for altering heights based on the size of the client, not just my height. I look after my body as well as yours when I work to ensure I can continue to provide one to one service for a long time to come. Therefore, the purchase of long lasting and suitable hardware is essential.

Can you guess what the second big initial investment was? Well it was two things actually.

My towel warmer still creates toasty warm towels for massage and trauma work, or even simply clients in need of nurture and reassurance. For such a simple gesture of warmth, the trust factor of quickly building the working relationship with a client is immediate.

The final fantastic investment I made in my business was exceptionally good quality towels. I purchased them in bulk quantity which enabled a wholesale purchase price. I swore after having a massage experience whereby I could see and smell the previous (what felt like 15) clients prior to me, that I would change the entire set of towels for each and every client. Whilst this is in accordance with the Code of Conduct, many therapists don’t do it.

I know, Eeeeeeewwwww with a capital E!

So, I purchased sixty towels, which sounds like a lot, but when you use 4 towels for every session and can massage upwards of eight to then clients each day, then that washing pile rapidly grows! It’s a regular site to see my Hills Hoist full of nothing but towels! The washing alone can be time consuming and expensive. Hanging the towels outside also exposes them to direct sunlight, so they fade, but are also exposed to airborne particulate matter. So, if you have a client who gets hayfever from pollen, having air dried towels is a massage issue!

Nowdays I have an industrial sized washing machine and drier. No sooner have I finalised one client, the towels are straight into the washer, dried at lunchtime and folded at the end of the day for tomorrow.

Today, I have undertaken purchases for training equipment that has cost me in excess of twenty thousand dollars. I see this as a long-term business investment and are grateful to be in a position to do this. That said,

starting your own business doesn’t mean you need all the bells and whistles upfront. You just need the basics and bare minimum to deliver the service, and, test the marketplace to see if there is demand for what you have to offer.

Nothing purchased in my clinic has been spur of the moment. It has been well thought out, and I’ve done a cost benefit analysis to ensure I can justify the purchase in the first place. Any new item must be able to compliment my brand and services offered.

It’s the little things that clients comment on – the hot towels, the reminder emails, recorded video summaries, and support essences, all support and contribute to making my service unique and desirable for repeating.

Nowdays as a coach, I often get asked what would I invest in. Here’s my top tips.

2.  Invest in quality items

As you can afford, invest in business acquisitions which provide value to your business, whether it be time saved by your client using an online booking system, or an electric treatment table. There’s nothing worse than paying money and spending your valuable time to acquire a service and the equipment fails. It’s such a strong reflection on the business and its brand.

1.  Invest in quality training.

Always undertake training from credible and industry known service providers. The reason for this is that their content is of a high standard, and their training programs have been scrutinised. Additionally, a good trainer will provide you quality content AND quality supervision to ensure you are learning their material correctly. This is vital to bring it back to your place of business.

Quality items which last a long time are a good investment if your business can afford.

3.   Be authentic

Let’s be honest. When first starting out, it’s absolutely ok if you don’t have all the bells and whistles.

It’s also ok if you don’t have all the technical knowledge.

Simply be upfront with clients about where you’re at.

Remind yourself of the passion that led you to provide the service you are providing. Always remain connected with your ‘why’ and that tends to get you through any bumps along the journey path.

Continue to be devoted to who you are and what you are trying to achieve. I often find it’s the simple little things that we bring to the table that make our product so attract – it’s an extension of our authentic self!

Need a hand with that?

Need a hand with that?

I’m a typical Capricorn star sign. I’m independent and stubborn to boot. I like to do stuff myself, and, I absolutely loathe the thought of relying upon others. I hate the thought of imposing on others. It’s rare for me to reach out and ask for help.

The universe has a hilarious way of pushing me out of my comfort zone when it comes to this sometimes. This semester, my daughter’s after school activities have been rescheduled, causing a clash with clinic appointments. For some families who bring their child to me, to provide assistance with learning difficulties, these appointments are difficult to reschedule for all persons involved. Everyone is working and it’s vital the child remains in class, hence, they have made special arrangements with me to work outside of clinic hours.

Under normal circumstances, because all my family and friends work, I’m in a position, whereby I work school based hours only. There are limited exceptions to this and as my daughter gets older, this gets easier to work around. That said, being a bit of a perfectionist, a bit of a control freak, I like things organised. I certainly don’t like changing appointments on clients because I have the perception that it’s unprofessional. My clients lead busy lives too, so I don’t want to be the cause of any hiccups in their life.

This week, I was stuck, and couldn’t make things work. This happens to the best of us sometimes.

I reflected on my options and asked the universe for some help. I simply asked the parents in my daughter’s sports team chat room, whether anyone could pick up my girl and take her to practice. What’s the worst that could happen – everyone says ‘no’? I had notified the client of my situation and advised ‘stay tuned, let me see what I can do’.

That initial trepidation of asking for help always seems to be the worst part of it all. Is it fear of rejection rather than not being able to juggle that brings us unstuck?

Turns out that all of the favours I’ve done others all came back at once and I immediately had a volunteer parent to collect my girl directly from school and take her to practice. Can’t begin to express my relief. And yet the volunteer parent was so humble in offering her support. She told me “it’s nothing”. For her it may feel easy to adjust her schedule and do, what she considered a small thing. For me it was huge, and enables me to continue juggling all the balls in the air.

This small gesture of kindness got me thinking.

People take great joy in helping others, myself included. Take a moment to consider next time you’re in a jam, whether you can gift someone the gift of giving to you, and helping you out of a tight spot. You simply need to ask. What’s the worst that can happen – everyone says no? People are not obliged to say yes.

Additionally, ask yourself under what circumstance you ask for help or are you stuck in the perceived fear of failure or judgement? Fear stops us doing so many things, is it stopping you?

Giving works both ways, and, provides gratitude for all involved. It’s the little things in life whereby we bloom from within, especially when we gift ourselves gratitude for the experiences we are gifted.

Asking for help doesn’t need to be a big song and dance, nor does it need to be a sign that we aren’t coping. When we ask for help, we are merely asking someone to stand beside us and catch a ball or two for a moment. I am reminded of today’s quest that it takes a village to raise a child, and with all the balls we juggle in today’s modern society I can definitely see why.