Top Tip to Manifesting Your Dream Life

Top Tip to Manifesting Your Dream Life

I was listening to a podcast the other day, which started with ‘luck is for leprechauns and you aren’t green”!! Wowsers that was a powerful statement! And it reminded me of the importance of incorporating The Laws of Attraction into my daily routine life. Doing this supports me to remain focused on my dream life, and the good feelings these experiences and abundance will bring me. It’s a combination of all the small things which contribute to my ability to be grateful for all that I manifest and bring into my world. And it has nothing to do with money or stuff. My focus is on experiencing the joy of life, and, being vibrantly happy and healthy.

I get asked a lot about the Laws Of Attraction, which are fundamentally simple in nature. With a little daily dedication and accuracy, they are easy to activate and implement into your life to achieve all that you want and more.

The more we can bring our focus to self, the more available energy we have to maintain motivation and access to our resilience skills to walk our journey paths. Actions don’t have to take a lot of time, and they can simply be to ‘check in’ with how you are feeling in terms of positive or negative. The more you can acknowledge more positive in your life the more gratitude state you create within. The greater the gratitude, the higher your ability to manifest abundance in your life.

Here are my tips to Manifest Your Dream Life


You have to be able to visualise what it is you want.

This process isn’t just about thinking about winning a million dollars and thinking this will solve all your problems.

This process is about sitting quietly each day, and, gifting yourself moments whereby you literally can envisage doing the thing you want.

Liz Oakes discusses in her article, that visualisation “is known as conceptualization. As you form an image of what you desire in your mind, you are using your imagination to bring it into reality. You must first see it in your imagination. It must be fully formed and conceptualized before it can possibly manifest. This is the process of creating an image in your mind of what you desire to have in your life. Make the image you see in your mind as real and as detailed as you can, as this is how you will bring it into manifestation.

Once you have envisaged the dream life that you want, you need to desire it.

By this I mean be intensely excited about what you’re visualising. Imagine how it looks AND how it feels to do doing this revised version of your life.

It is the focus on the feelings which link to your ability to consciously be grateful. Acknowledging gratitude then counts as a credit in your happiness bank account!

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to connect to this ‘feel good’ feeling. It must be very strong and tangible. You literally have to be able to connect with how good it feels. And as you visualise and continue to invest in that picture, really connect to the evolving strong feelings. Without the emotive connection, there is no point.

Let me be clear. It is at this point that most people have the potential to enter a self-sabotaging situation. If you don’t connect to the feeling, and only focus on the outcome then you aren’t changing your approach. You are just dreaming. Tony Robbins talks about “get yourself moving, don’t wait for the perfect trainer, just get yourself moving”. Connection to the feeling of what you want supports you to change your accountability and investment in what you want.

Affirm and believe that what you desire as if it is already real.

When you believe what you desire is possible to manifest and create, then you are talking to universe with your order of what you want.

Imagine as if you’re sitting at your favourite restaurant, and you order your favourite dish of garlic prawns, you are almost licking your chops in anticipation of how good it’s going to taste.

It is the belief that your favourite chef will prepare your order just the way you love it. The Law of Attraction is identical to this belief that the chef will prepare your order exactly how you asked for it.

The concept of affirming or intention setting, is to make a positive statement of what you believe.

When making this statement you need to truly believe you have the capacity to make it come true.

In other words, you must have the intention to manifest what you desire, otherwise it’s just a day dream.

Word of warning though, when we believe and utilise affirmations to invigorate the dream life we want, we must to align to your current belief system. Also, the affirmation must align with your conscious mind or it rejects the affirmations as unimaginable. By this I mean, there’s no point affirming something that is not presently within your remote realm of possibility.

For example, stating the affirmation “I am a millionaire” if you are presently living with your grandmother creates a conscious mind rejection – a mental conflict in your head space. Scale back the dream to a smaller goal that is actually realistic to achieve. Smash that out and continue to grow the dream, evolve the affirmations and the small action based goals. This way you’re not setting yourself up to fail or messing with your own values and beliefs which will question and sabotage if the dream doesn’t align to your current capacity.

The more specific and measurable your affirmations are, the easier they will be to implement as small action-based goals.

Act and behave as if your life desire has already been manifested. It is action which brings about changes in people’s lives. Affirmations are utilised to motivate you to take more action and remain focused on the dream life you are manifesting.

Now this doesn’t mean go and max out your credit card because you have the ‘dream to be a millionaire’. This means do some thing action based, which gives you the feelings which align with the dream live you are intending, for example happiness.

The final part of understanding how to implement the laws of attraction is allowance – detach from the outcome. You have to be intense in your desire of the dream and it’s feel good, to embrace, trust and surrender it will

When you gain the clarity of the understanding that the only limits in our life are the ones we set, you too can choose to change and bloom from within.




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Just do your thing

Just do your thing

One of the best healing lessons of my personal and professional life involved the realisation that my journey path revolves around doing my thing, not someone else’s. It was both a terrifying and truly liberating experience to step into that vulnerable space of my shadow self.

It’s not always easy to stand within your sacred space and shine your authentic light to the world. Here’s a few tips to keep yourself on your own straight and narrow path!

Don’t chase people for their attention, affection or approval. Everyone has stuff. We also have our own set of beliefs and behaviours which drives how we respond or react. The trick when you are triggered and feel yourself reacting is to step back and assess/reflect on what within you requires your love and attention to heal.

Be an example to yourself, of how it feels and looks to be positive. It starts with the intention you set for yourself before you even get out of bed! As soon as I wake up, I set my intention ‘to be the priority of my life’.

Pay attention to how you feel and what event causes you to experience the negative juju! Journal out the negative feelings and thoughts so that they aren’t swirling around your head.

Any form of neutral expression gifts you the opportunity to release the negativity you’ve been carrying around. The less drama you have inside your head, the more space you have to welcome positive energy and love for self into your life. Once you’ve purged the negative into your journal, write yourself a love letter. You are so deserving of positive words and affirmations. Take yourself for a gentle walk before breakfast or after dinner, as the light is dim and the world is quiet and calm. Breath it in as a welcome additional to your shining light.

Attract loving people into your life. Work hard to just be yourself. The more focussed you are on you and clearing out your old negative stuff, you naturally become a beacon of light.

The more you shift the brighter your light shines. When you light shines bright, you naturally attract amazing human beings into your life who make you want to be and embrace more.

The people who belong in your life will come and find you to share your story. These people who love you seem to miraculously appear in your life exactly when you are in need. These friendships are amazing in that regardless the amount of time which passes, you seem to pick up where you’ve left off. The presence of these people in your life provide an incredible abundance of love which enriches your life in ways you can’t imagine.

Just do your thing. Be true to you and shine your light brightly to the world.

You can choose to change and bloom from within xxx


Kick Arse in your Life

Kick Arse in your Life

As a Change Facilitator, (Kinesiology Practitioner and Wellness Coach), I get asked a lot how I stay upbeat, with a positive outlook on life. I utilise the Law of Attraction rules a lot in my life to ensure my focus remains on self and those that live under the roof of my house. Afterall, this is the direct circle of people who I have influence over and visa versa.

There are some hard and fast rules which I’ve learnt over the years, to absolutely kick arse with which I’ve outlined below.

We all have goals and dreams for the lives we want to live. At some point in our lives, we’ve all set New Year’s Eve resolutions which have inevitably failed because we simply expected the dream to unfold and weren’t committed to the actions required. The key to not crumbling immediately when not achieving a goal is your perception. See your ‘failure’ as a beginning and not an end. There are some lessons that require repeating so that you change your behaviours and attitude!

It’s one thing to have a dream. But the dreams don’t come true unless you work at them! It’s all well and good to have dreams, but if you don’t have a plan and instigate it, then it’s still just a dream. The old saying of if you don’t go after it, you won’t have it, always rings true.

I often find myself sitting quietly to reflect on the required tasks to implement, in order to achieve my dream life. The ‘to do’ list always comes together rapidly. Running your own business, there is never any shortage of things to do. Rather than pressuring myself to finish everything at once, I set a pace that is easily achievable and leaves me time for self. That said, it’s extremely satisifying to always do more than expected.

When the time arises (and it will), and you’ve got sufficient energy, always give a little more. The boost to your confidence and motivation, to continue walking your journey path is incredible.

When it comes to working towards living your dream life, assume nothing and question everything. Walking your journey path often is challenging. We learn an abundance of lessons along the way. When your buttons are triggered, take a pause from reacting to the person or thing. Look within to determine what in you need to acknowledge and heal. Remember we all have stuff! Be gentle with yourself.

And because we all have stuff, we all have a past. None of us live in bubbles. We live lives filled with experiences and opportunities to learn and evolve and heal. Make peace with the past or you’ll continue to pay for it. With unfinished business, you carry ‘bags of burden’. Frankly we have enough to deal with. Why would you choose to ignore the past and suffer from it. Be gentle with yourself as you embrace more of you, deal with the stuff and lighten your load.

It’s easy to find oneself overthinking about scenarios associated with all the old stuff, or triggered incidents and people. We can run mental patterns, which can feel like a merry go round of negative juju. Take a breath, and, stop thinking so much, and start taking action. Often the thought of taking the first step is the most fearful or confrontational. Take the first step and get on with it. Your dream life awaits you!

Now that you’re on your way, towards your dream life don’t get caught up in external drama. By this I mean, never compare yourself to others. You will never understand what other people have experienced, their behaviours or subsequent reactions. So why then, would you compare yourself to them? Be grateful for all that you are, have and the life you are living.

And now that you are learning and practicing how to love all over yourself, it’s time to allow the world to see the authentic you. You need teach others what you want them to know about you. Allow yourself to lower the defensive wall and let people see the real you.

Remember you can choose to change and bloom from within, standing in your sacred space and shining your authentic light to the world.