I normally say, “Happy New Year”. However, this year I’m going to challenge you to make an intention which will guide and support you to create a new year that you want! People often ask me what power an intention can have?

I often hear people tell me what a shit year they are having. I find myself immediately pulling them up on that statement, for every time they repeat this old negative story, they are re-affirming to the universe that ‘life is shit’ and they want more of it! I don’t know of anyone on the planet who chooses to learn a life lesson the hard way. If you had a conscious choice, you would always take the easy way out – it’s human nature!



During a coaching conversation, we ‘re-focus’ a client’s attention of the lessons they are learning from the negative experiences. We bring their focus onto the outcomes they want to achieve.

We then focus what small actions are required to achieve what they want out of the experience, we direct their attention into a positive space, with the intention of positive outcomes and mindset.

It’s like placing an order to the universe for a positive outcome when you set the intention. Whilst life may throw ‘unpleasant’ circumstances, you can remain focussed on how well you are coping and the lessons being learnt.

I live by the mindset habit of setting my intention on a daily basis and reaffirm this with a theme for each year which aligns me to my intended dream life. Do you see the pattern here? It’s the habit of clearly establishing my intention. The re-affirming of my annual theme on a daily basis enables me to maintain my direction and focus of what I want to be attracting, experiencing and feeling in life.

I commence each new year with a positive intention based upon a period of intense reflection of all the lessons I learnt along the way. Because this intention leads me throughout the year, I invest time and energy into this process. Why? Because I am worth it.

This new year has been unique, in that I’ve been manifesting my intention through reflection since the week before summer solstice. This enabled me to ride the huge energetic wave to utilise the magnified solstice energy to create heightened meditative states, to create the picture of my dream life.

I now welcome in the new year by setting my intention, and you can too – whether that be with a mantra, motto or a word or just an affirmation.  We are all unique and do it in our own way. Once you’ve chosen you may like to write it out repeatedly and fill a page in your journal. You might like to print copies for each and every significant room or space that you occupy – such as a work desk, bathroom mirror, fridge door etc.

My intention for 2019 is ‘consistency for self’.

My intention is based upon creating a more consistent approach to dedication to self. Maintaining a more consistent balance between self to family and work. I’ve learnt so many lessons in the previous 18 months. Now I feel comfortable to consolidate the knowledge and strategies to move forward in terms of a new approach to life.

What might your word, mantra, motto, affirmation – your intention – for 2019 be?

The setting of intentions is a fantastic journey ritual to acknowledge you have the right to change. You are under no obligation to be the same person you were a year ago, a month or even 15 minutes ago. You have the right to grow. Your journey path encourages to you change!

If meditation is not your thing, or you find it difficult to relax enough into yourself, your journal may be your tool of choice. In order to set your intention, I first recommend getting into your journal and answering the following questions:

  • What has worked in 2018? Why? When it worked, how did I feel?
  • What didn’t work this year and why? Dig a little deeper and ask yourself:
  • What should / could / would I do differently to not repeat the thoughts / feelings / experiences?
  • What might you need to refine or let go of in order to achieve the dream?
  • Is there a common theme which has arisen out of responding to the above questions?
  • What is the arising intention to enable you to rise above or embrace this theme?
I find having an annual themed intention enables me to regularly reaffirm the path I am taking which makes my heart sing. This path that enables me to shine my light to the world. The intention is one of several strategic tools I utilise to guide me on my journey path.

The joy of setting intentions is acknowledging that you have the right to change. It reminds me that I am not stuck.

The setting of an intention reminds me that I don’t have to be committed to a set of behavioural patterns, because they once worked in the past. You often can’t move forward if you are applying an old formula to a new level of challenge in your life.

Utilise the power of intention to create the new action formula to obtain a different set of results.

Through the use of positive affirmation and intention you can choose to change and bloom from within xxxxx